The sweater Grandma never finished

A client brought me a dirty UFO still on the needles. she thinks it was gonna be a sweater. Any words of wisdome on how or what I should do with this?
I may just rip it, wash the yarn, and use it for something else.

I would love to finish this …whatever it is/thing but realize that may not be reasonable.

:hug: roxy

Sounds like a good ieda.

Frogging it and giving the yarn a good wash seems like a reasonable thing to do. Then you can determine if the yarn is worth saving or not.

Yeah I prolly should frog it…the person who brought it to me really wants me to figure out how to finnish it, so I think I will hold out a bit. It looks like it’s more than half done. and seems such a waste to frog it w/out first looking into it

You could try washing it by slipping it off the needles on to some waste yarn. Then you can determine if it will come clean enough to be salvagable. No directions, pictures, or notes with it? Maybe if you post a picture someone could give you a clue.

I had a co-worker give me a sweater her mother-in-law had been knitting, but I don’t think there is enough yarn to finish the project. Luckily the pattern was with the finished pieces, but I don’t know if I’ll do anything with it. Right now it sits in a bag in my closet.

I decided I would never figure out the st pattern much less how to finish it…on top of that it was quite dirty. So I took it off the needles to soak and wash it, changed the water about 3 times just trying to salvage the yarn, blah blah blah.
Anyway it never came clean enough so I tossed it out but kept the unused yarn.

Thanks to all
:thumbsup: Roxy~

Well, Roxy, at least you gave it ‘the old college try’.

Have to admit that I don’t like ‘used yarn’ that much, when I’m not the one who used it.