The Stupid Door

I went to the mall this evening with my grandson Ryan (he’s 7) and there was a boy skating around in his Heelies. A definite no-no at the mall according to the signs.

Ryan’s comment? “He must have come in through the Stupid Door.” :rofl:

I had had such a rotten work day and this set me straight.:lol:

It’s my new favorite expression.

:rofl: Way to go Ryan…that is great…

My son keeps asking for those shoes…everytime I get him to the point he gets ‘no’… another first grader comes to school with them and the I want starts again…:wall: be glad when they move onto another shoe or something…

[SIZE=1][I]My son just couldn’t handle a shoe with a wheel…he is like me…we trip over our own feet…we fall when nothing is around…we run into stuff…we don’t need help with heelies this is why we say no…we just know it would be a big accident…daily…[/I][/SIZE]

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

OMG Ingrid! I’m going to have to start using that line. That was too funny.

Kids can just turn your day around, eh?
I hate those Heelies. In a day where childhood obesity is rampant, we’re encouraging children to stop walking and just roll everywhere…hmmm it seems to be the epitome of lazy to me!

Yeah, it’s just another gimmick to get money. Ryan rides a 2-wheeler, does ok on a skateboard, rides a razor scooter, but can he roll on the Heelies he got for his birthday? No.

Not that anyplace lets you anymore. :shrug:

That’s too funny! Yeah for Ryan!!:cheering:

Kids come out with some cracking gems - gave me a good laugh that did and now it’s on my “favourites” list as well.:rofl::roflhard:

OK - here we go again: Can someone explain what Heelies are, please? Are they anything like inline skates - roller blades? :??

All the Best

Wheelies are these stupid shoes/trainers that have a wheel in the heel. I’ve seen a couple of accidents in my local town involving kids on these. I know my local primary school has banned them.

For a bit of fun, (like a skateboard or roller blades) I can see the the point. For an actual shoe that is supposed to be worn to school, town etc, I think they are very dangerous.

P.s, I had a really good laugh on ‘The Stupid Door’! Brilliant!

Haha! Stupid door! I love it! :chair:

As for the wheelie/heely shoe things, I think they are awful! I’ve seen kids being dragged around on the by their parents. They might as well just stick them back in a pushchair!

Thanks very much for the info. DQ and Nobones - Hmm - I’m going to have a quick Google because I’ve never seen these beasts at all.

I might get a pair for when Sam and I go for walks - but I’m not sure which one of us will wear them though.:wink:

I’ve just watched this video:

It’s pretty good for teaching people how to use the things but at the end there were a few examples of how NOT TO STOP!!!

You can certainly see why body armour and a safety helmet are recommended - [COLOR=Red]OUCH!!![/COLOR]

No wonder your grandson called it the “Stupid” door in the mall. Think he had it about right.

My sons father bought him some of those things and he is only to use them in our driveway,he gets so mad at me when we go to Wal-Mart and there are like 10 kids skating around the store with those things on.

I can’t stand those stupid things!! There is a prominent sign in my local grocery forbidding them in the store, yet I always see kids in them. They are almost always running into people. Why bother putting up a sign, when it is not enforced??? My neice (6yrs.) wants some in the worst way, but she isn’t allowed. Hopefully the fad will pass soon.

That’s why Ryan was so appalled. THERE ARE SIGNS THAT SAY [B]NO HEELIES[/B]!

I might as well enjoy his respect for rules while he has it. :teehee:

He wears the shoes without the wheels in them. This way he feels like he’s ‘cool’ without falling on his face, or (God forbid) having the [I]Lady[/I] in the store ‘yell’ at him. :teehee:

I love it! This is definitely on my “expressions” list now :roflhard:

I was at our high school football game last night, and you got it…

There were kids rolling through the BLEACHERS in those stupid things. :doh:

Ingrid, your grandson made me :roflhard:.

:chair: Ingrid, your grandson made a great comment!

IMHO, those are the dumbest things invented. I’ve seen kids who make their parents tow them around. What’s up with that? :??

I know a lot of people who use that door.

I like your Ryan…sounds like a cool kid :slight_smile:

Hmmn…that trend has already faded out here, thank goodness. Have you ever picked up one of those things? No wonder the kids only want to wheel around on them…they’re like 5 pounds a piece!


That’s so funny he said that!:roflhard:

I’m with you all, those shoes are too dangerous. Parents make their kids wear helmets on rollerblades but why not with these shoes??