The student becomes the teacher!

About three years ago my Mom taught me how to knit and I thank her for it all the time.

This weekend when we were in Louisville, I taught her how to make socks!! I made her a pair for a hospital stay and she wanted to make a pair for her best friend and she asked ME to make them. Hahaha!! So I, obviously, said that I would teach her instead and she took right to it! Her first sock is almost done and it’s awesome! I’m so proud of her and so happy I could teach HER something. She has knit awesome patterned afghans, sweaters and stuff like that but never socks. I predict a stash in her future!!!

Nice job, grasshopper. :thumbsup: It’s so nice when you get to teach your parents something, after they have taught you so much.

Very kewl :thumbsup:

How cool! :thumbsup:

thats awesome :slight_smile:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]How nice!
I think you have achieved a dream of most of the world’s children - to give back, to teach…

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question.
:knitting: [/COLOR]

I don’t know how to update the title of the thread but my Mom finished the socks and is starting another pair!! I’m so proud of her! I’m going to try to get her to send me a picture so I can post it. I’m so proud of her!! Add another sock knitter to the ranks! The best part is that I know I’m getting sock yarn for Christmas!!!:woohoo: