!The Stash Assassin!

:roflhard: Vixen? Is that another name for nut? :roflhard:

Now now, Ingrid. Don’t be jealous. Jealously really doesn’t become ya, dudette! :rofl:

Update: I’ve finished #4 and one stashball has been assassinated. Ha…ha…ha… :eyebrow: I decided to add another ball of stash to complete the cloth b/c w/o it, the cloth was just way too small. So I have a purple and turquoise cloth ready for the usin’ ! It kinda looks like a color combo you’d find at ikea … you know how they have some interesting color combos! :wink:

Next on the assassinator’s list: NUMBER 5 from the same book. I’ve already started it and have about 2" done! :cheering: I’m using the rest of the turquoise and anticipate the need to add the white stash ball to complete this one. My washcloth shelf is gonna have an assortment of colors on it!! :lol:

I WANT PICTURES! stomps foot

:frowning: :cry: :verysad: [size=1]…I’m tryin’ Kel, but these baby blankets are sellin’… I guess my asking price is over their heads … [/size] :verysad:

Ooo Oooo!!! I’m knitting out of that same dishcloth book. I’m over 1/3 of the way through #4 (makin’ a couple of 'em for my SIL who just moved), but I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to it – partly 'cause I’m making 5 Boogas and a Pie Are Square Shawl. Hmmm … it might also have something to do w/ planning a birthday party, teaching my children, and the general run-around of dr’s appts we have. Fortunately, all of the projects I’m working on can be toted along.

I do, however, need to do a little Stash Assassination, myself. It’s beginning to take over the family room. And I just added two batches of yarn to it!! :shock: What was I thinking???

Man … what am I doing on here!!?? :doh:

Um … I believe the verb is astashination :rofling:

Have you guys seen THIS SITE with a MILLION (well, 5 pages, anyway) FREE dishcloth patterns? I hate to think of y’all spending your yarn money on patterns if ya dont need 'em!!

Oh GREAT!!! More choices??? :rollseyes: There are 16 patterns in this book and I had a hard time decided on them; now you give me more choices?? :lol: I’m not all bent about having bought my book. It’s retail is $4.50 and I used a coupon 'cause I almost never pay full price for anything … :thumbsup:

Oh, yeah, I’ve seen that site. It made my head spin, and I saved several of them off to my hard drive. However, I also had a gift certificate for Hobby Lobby. They just looked like fun, too. I think I just needed a finite set to choose from, plus there are some challenging patterns in there that I’ve learned a lot from. Good practice. :slight_smile:

Um … I believe the verb is astashination :rofling:[/quote]

Oh, sorry. I hate it when I use the wrong word. :oops:

:wink: We don’t need not stinkin’ dictionary! :thumbsup:

Update: I’ve about 7" of #5 licked and I think I have enough to make #5 all one color!!! :happydance: Man these things really do work up fast :rollseyes: At this rate, I’ll run out of stashcotton before I can afford The Next Big Project. :doh: But then again, I’ve got plenty of stashacrylic … what to do with it though … what to do indeed … SHUT UP EKGHEIY - one astashination at a time dang it!! :lol:

Truth be told, I’ve got so much yarn lined up for projects right now, I don’t have time to stashassinate. (Did I spell that right? :?? )

No time to astashinate? Lucky gal! :lol:

Update: #5 is done is looking marvelous. So kewl… :happydance:

Well - my next choice of astashination is half astashination. I put my Sporty Hood on the needles w/ some leftover yarn from my Knitty Kyoto sweater. It’s not dyelotted, so I’ll be able to get more yarn when/as I need it. :happydance:

So I’m still in the astashination game!

I just finished my first washcloth, for my DH- he said he liked it, but he didn’t use it :thinking: fuggedaboutit, I know I’ll use it.
It turned out pretty well, I did it in seed stitch because I haven’t done that before and I wanted to see how it came out, I really liked it. It had a really neat texture.
I haven’t started yet on my cool Xmas scrubbie yet, but I have the ball of ‘yarn’ just about ready to go, I’ll post a pic once I remember where my camera is
Geeze Ek, get a digicam already…How do we know you’re really doing this stuff???

Dudette - I gave my #4 to my mother. She says she’ll use it, but I know she’ll sit it on the shelf and won’t let anyone (including herself) use it. :rollseyes: I understand she thinks that’s a sign of honoring it, I guess. But … well … they’re made to be used! sigh

Yes - I know - I’m starting to get a complex about this too w/ the digicam situation. My mother’s old job had a digicam. So she took a pic of a sweater and blanket that I made so I could post it. Things were looking up on the pic posting circuit for ekgheiy; I sent the two projects with her to work and she’d email the pic to me … blah blah blah. But then - Mother switch jobs :verysad:

She says she’ll use it, but I know she’ll sit it on the shelf and won’t let anyone (including herself) use it. I understand she thinks that’s a sign of honoring it, I guess. But … well … they’re made to be used! sigh
I told Dh that if he wasn’t going to use it, let me know and I’d give it to someone else.
“Oh, no, I’ll use it!” he says
I tossed it to him in the shower, he hung it on the showerhead…I happened to peek in after he was out and the durn thing was barely wet. It’s not because he ‘honors’ it, unfortunately. He could really care less about my knitting. Which is fine, I could really care less about golf and NASCAR, but I at least pretend to be interested, and even wear that dumb ol Dale Jr shirt he insisted I buy…
OK, I’m just irritated with him in general this weekend, and I tried to overcome that and make him something, and he got me all riled up again…

Okay - just breathe … repeat after me … knit two purl two knit two purl two knit two purl two … breathe … knit two purl two … :wink: