!The Stash Assassin!

So you wanna do the kal? I started #4 from this book, using some left over Lion cotton… :thumbsup:

WOOHOOOOO!!! Knitalong it is! But change the subject line so all may know, and join us in our pursuit of stash depletion and staving off utter boredom… :roflhard:
I had a brainstorm … I think I’m going to make a soap pouch type thing in the Trinity Stitchfor ultra scrubbiness…

MMMMM… Ultra scrubbiness!! KEWL!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: The Stash Assassin!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

hehehehehe :lol: I thought you might find that entertaining… :wink:

[size=6]Update[/size]: I’ve about 6" of #4 done, but it looks like I chose to @$$@$$inate the wrong stash ball. I don’t have enough to finish the 'ol cloth. :help: So I need to decide whether to frog to an even point in the pattern or join another stash and continue like normal … decisions, decisions … :thinking:

I have also decided that I’m going to call mine a “wash cloth”; I don’t wanna use it as a dish cloth … :fingerwag:

The pattern is quite nice too. I’m actually getting the same right leaning st pattern as I did with the blanket that I just finished ([size=2]Blue Tranquility from ISBN 1574862235, Leisure Arts #3219[/size]), except without the YO. It’s called a Right Twist (RT) in the cloth pattern:

K2tog, do NOT slip sts off, K the first st, slip both sts off

It alternates a block of RT’s w/ a block of seed st. Really cute and I can’t wait to finish and @$$@$$inate another stashball! :happydance:

:thinking: That does sound pretty nifty…almost like my so-called scarf…
And I agree completely, anything that you enjoy making should absolutely be a washcloth…The yucky practice ones are dishcloths! :wink:
I have yet to start casting on for my scrubbie, but I have it pretty much formulated, I just need to do it (I spent half of my shower this morning trying to figure how big a standard size bar of soap was, and how many st that would be with a 4.5st/in gauge :roflhard: least until i ran out of hot water!) :doh:
So anyway, when I finish it, I’m going to go to the dollar store and get her some bath salts and one of those little foot massagers, and a pretty basket to put it in, and maybe a few homemade soap balls, and mom’s crossed of my list. :happydance: 1 down, 5,367 to go… :thumbsup:

Kewl!! You should get some of the shrink wrap stuff too. And some ribbons or something. You’re gonna have so much fun w/ the basket!! You have a digicam, right? :?? I gotta see it … I gotta see it …

Oh yes, my digicam is the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten for Thanksgiving lmao (DS spilled the beans, and DH gave it to me early - remind me never to take a 3yo Xmas shopping!)
I also had another thought…I did get started, but the S’n’C is actually a lot softer than I wanted… I think I’m gonna sacrifice one of the zillions of bath puffs I have to the knitting gods, cut it into a workable thickness and knit that bad boy! My mom’s the one that got me addicted to scrubbing my skin half off when washing - she used to buy loofahs all the time, and after those, nothing is scrubby enough for me- so I know she’ll appreciate the extra texture…won’t be a stash buster, but then , my stash is small enough as it is…

“stash buster”??? Um-excuse me … wth is that??? Did you by chance mean … STASH ASSASSIN?!? :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: OMG, stop it…I giggle every time I read that… :roflhard: :roflhard:

You gals sound like you’re having fun in here! :smiley: Have you seen this pattern? bath puff pattern Looks cute.

Ooh, that’s cute! I thought I had seen everything on Knitty!
Are you going to join us, Mer?

Hmm, I dunno. :thinking: I do have a half-finished discloth somewhere around that needs to be frogged and re-done. Perhaps if I get distracted from my numerous other projects I’ll join in! :smiley:

Thanks for the link Mer!! Aww…C’mon - we just know you wanna join the [color=blue]STASHASSISSINATORS[/color] - [size=2]insert movie-trailer man’s voice here[/size] deadly with a double point, stunning with a straight and cunning with a cable[size=2]insert dramatic music here[/size] The Stashassissnators!! …

[size=2]insert evil, yet jolly laughter sound clip here[/size]
:eyebrow: :lol:

EK…are you wearing a leotard with an A on the front, a cape and blue underwear over your tights??? You ARE, arent you? :rollseyes:

so THAT’S why you won’t post any pictures of you!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard:

:eyebrow: Ak’shully, my leotard and cape are a sexy, sassy shade of black. And the “A” … well one side of the “A” runs up the back of my left leg, the other side runs up the back my right leg and the crossbar contours me pleasantly plump booty … SASSY … SIMPLY SASSY … I’m a VIXEN!! :rofling:

'zactly … I can’t give away my superhero’ette identity! :lol: