The socks that travelled far

Michelle in Australia got this superwash yarn from me & made beautiful socks out of it using a simple pattern. Yarn I made is now on a continent in the Southern Hemisphere far, far away.

In case the pics aren’t showing up, they’re also here:

I’m pleased as punch! :happydance:

I love the colorway!
You did a great job on your sock, too…WTG :thumbsup:

FYI, I didn’t see your pics on the site, just the dreaded red x (and it didn’t work when I right clicked show picture), but I saw your photos on your blog.
EDIT…right clicking show picture worked this time.

yeah right clicking works. So I’m in the lab going :thinking: …OHooooo :inlove: and my boss is here. He must think I have some kind of disorder :rollseyes:

I wonder why the pics aren’t showing up. I didn’t do anything different from the other times I put images on my postings…

Beautiful color!