The sockbulb goes on ! - added question

I wanted to get into knitting socks. Had done one pair of boot socks and they just didn’t seem right - too bulky to be practical. I signed up for a class, got my yarn and a pattern and off I went. This pair still seems too bulky to be practical - Regia 6ply and the last class the instructor says I should use smaller needles than called for on the wrapper. So Regia says 3-4 and she says naw - got to a 2. This makes since b/c all the patterns I pulled up on Ravelry for this yarn are all knit on smaller needles and I was like HEY PEOPLE it says use 3 or 4 not 2 ! Now I get it and now I need to finish this pair and get started on another pair with smaller needles.

Good for you:yay: ! Do your socks hug your feet? I use smaller needles, but my socks are not really snug like store bought socks.
I think my sockbulb needs to go too, but on how long to make my socks in the foot. :teehee:

The “sockbulb” needs to go on before most people “get” it. I had to read the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules! before I got it. I like smaller needles too, about a 1-2. I like my socks to be snug and foot-hugging.

I’m currently knitting on size 2’s with fingering. I wear a size 10 shoe, and I knit to an 8 inch foot before decreasing. Should I knit to a 7.5 to get them more snug in the toe or should I start knitting on size 1’s?

Oh don’t you love it when the bulb goes on. Once it does you just can’t wait to do more of em. I think I used a size’s #6 dpn for my first sock. It ended up being a slipper sock. They were really to thick to wear in shoes. So I kept going down and I use a 2 on all my socks. I started using the Pure and Simple patterns. They are straight forward and easy to understand. It gives a good base for you to make other socks.
I haven’t looked back since the light went on for me.
My dh is always saying where are my next pair.
So do have some fun with your new skill and make lots of socks for yourself first. Because once everyone tries on homemade socks you won’t be able to make them for yourself.:roflhard::roflhard:


i tend to knit the socks until they reach just before the start of my little toe hten i use these toe shaping instructions to get a nice fit around the toes.

This chart is a little complicated, but helpful, because it contains the measurements for every size in every country, men and women, but it works. For the US, go about 1/2 way down-- men are in purple, women are in light green. Find your size and then go down to the yellow band and there will be your foot length in inches. So for tokmom’s size 10s. . .the total foot length is 10 and 1/8". Most patterns tell you to knit the foot length leaving 2" for the toe finishing. So you’d knit for 8 and 1/8" before finishing. But check the pattern and see what they advice for leaving before starting the toe. If they don’t, then

  1. Go to another part of the sock which was knitted in stockinette stitch.
  2. Measure the number or rows/rounds you’re getting per inch. Let’s say that’s 10.
  3. Figure out how many rows/rounds you need for the toe. Let’s say they say decrease every other row/round, for 20 rounds and then graft the toe. Those 20 rows/rounds will give you 2 more inches, so that’s how much you need to leave off of your foot length.
    Of course, the numbers aren’t usually quite so nice, but you get the idea.

The other thing is that if you want a more snug fit, then you’ll want to knit a little less than your actual foot length. But maybe knit an experimental, or even just 1 sock! If the fit is a little more or less snug in the length than you’d like, just keep ripping back until it’s exactly how you like it, and then write down your figure and you’ll have them forever.

Lower down on this page is a chart for babies’ feet.

The other easy thing to do is to stand on a large piece of paper and have someone closely trace your foot and then measure the length. Of course this doesn’t work if it’s a surprise gift! What I’ve done in that case is knit up to the where I think the toe should begin on both socks, put the stitches on holders and present the gift almost done. Then I measure the recipient’s foot and finish them off. But if it’s long distance and going through the mail. . .
Geez, this is comlicated, isn’t it:teehee:

Can I borrow that sockbulb for a few?:rofl:

I have not really had any trouble with the length of socks. Generally I think they stretch width-wise rather than length-wise. I just keep putting the sock to my boyfriend’s foot (or mine, if they’re for me) until it’s about two from the end (sometimes I don’t even use a measuring tape- GASP!) and I start the decreases.

Since the sockbulb has gone on I want my socks to be wearable. I really like the crazy colors in this yarn and with my big foot I am not going to get one sock from one ball. I am 2/3 way done with one sock and have the cuff and heel flap done on the second sock…do I tear it all out and start over again on size 2 or 3 needles or just go with it and start another pair on smaller needles?

If I’m understanding the question-- I would personally buy another ball of yarn. But if not, they I’d rip back and make the cuff/leg much shorter so that I could get both socks out of 1 skein.

I have another ball, but matching the stipes - oye vey. I am more wondering if they would be more wearable if i started them over on small needles.

If the yarn is heavier than a sock or fingering weight, I don’t know that you want to go down any smaller in needle size. It may make them too stiff to be comfortable. I live in a colder climate so I would just finish them and save them for winter wear in boots.

Thank you!

I put all the help you ladies gave in your posts in my favorites. All of these sites will come in handy!:woot: