The Smart Knitter's Guide

hi all!

a friend of mine got an e-mail offering this deluxe master knitting kit, The Smart Knitter’s Complete Guide to Advanced Knitting. There’s some info about it here:

has anyone out there purchased it or know anything about it? she asked my opinion and not really sure what to tell her!

thanks! :slight_smile:

Sean, you can find all of that stuff online, why would you want to pay $47.00 to download it? Or, you could pay $19 something for a ‘Knitting for Dummies’ book, and get all that information. Looks to me as if the author put the program together, then found a copywriter to promote it.

I’d be interested in finding out if anyone here has bought it, to see if it’s worth while.

i agree with you myself, but i am a more advanced knitter than she (largely thanks to KH actually and I did pimp out KH to her, mentioning the videos.) I think she’s the kind of person that would like to have everything in one spot for her like that. It sounds almost scammish to me, so I was curious if anyone else tried it.

A while back I signed up for whatever the free stuff was that they offered, and it was a waste of time. Even though I had only been knitting for a few months, the free stuff was complete crap. If that’s anything to go by, I would highly reccomend avoiding that offer.

I don’t have this, but it just looks like a cheap scam. I don’t trust emails I get for so called great offers, they’re usually a rip off. I wouldn’t waste money on this. I agree with something like the Knitting for Dummies. Or have your friend check out the local library.

I somehow ended up on her email list So I periodically get emails touting discounts and other things like that. Honestly I think that you would be better off getting your friend a “how to knit” type of book, a link to here, yarn, needles and easy access to you. Cheaper and better.:hug:

I found that website and thought wow free. Then at the end you have to pay. I also think it is a scam. I have also seen the one for crochet. She hits all the bases. Like everyone has said give her a good book and some yarn and needles and let her learn from KH and you.

she is already a kntiter and has the access to me and KH, i think she’s just the kind of person that would like a big resource in front of her. she is quite good, but sometimes lacks confidence in taking on new skills and projects, like we all did at one point. i will tell her about the knitting for dummies too!

thanks everyone! :slight_smile: