The Show Must Go ON: Normans Blog

Just started it… still tweaking the look and such… so it will change over time

Nice job! I left you a comment! :slight_smile:

Thanks mucho for coming over… :slight_smile: I gotta tweak the layout a little that’s just the stock look… I’ll hav emore time to make it me tomorrow :slight_smile:

I gotta ask…do you use the name Norman because your last name is Bates? Like in Psycho? :thinking:

THAT is a LOVELY swatch! :mrgreen:

That would be it… yes…

It was given to me in 9th grade in Theater… and it’s stuck ever since… :slight_smile:

I tried using other names in the past… Norman jus tkept coming back. :slight_smile:

I’m loving your new avatar. I’m Puss…in boots. I get a good laugh everytime I say it! :smiley: My DH gets annoyed when i do that :??
Have a good one.

That’s right… My Fav character from 2… :slight_smile:

He was just so… cool

Like the scene where he was on the horse… :slight_smile: laughs Outside the castle…

"Shrek? "
"No… but for you… I could be… "


Hopefully tongith I will have the hat (KellyK gave me the pattern) that I’ve been workign on done…

I’ll postin the FO and my blog when it’s done… :slight_smile: It’s looking pretty good… I hope it fits the wife…

My DH gets annoyed when I sing Led Zeppelin or Metallica along with the radio…I guess its only because I DONT put on a “rocker” voice…think of Lisa Loeb singing “Fade to Black” :happydance:

And here be my first Circular needle with a ML that I’ve done…

For more detail you can see it here:

(( See this thread for pics ))

Thanks everyone for all the help

“You cannot make me cry!”

My five year old started to wail in the theatre when she saw him do the sad kitty face. Luckily our fellow movie goers thought her crying for the poor kitty was hilarious, so we didn’t get thrown out.

Your hat is great, Dave. Good job!

Great hat Dave!! Now that I have my Boye set I can make a hat on circs…just haven’t yet though.

nice hat! congrats! :smiley:

Another new one done… for my sister…


Okay… sorry for the quick post… I was on my way out the door when I posted…

Here is the new one (on the right) and my other one (on the left)

Baby stuff is sooo much fun… it’s so tiny

CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!! Its so cool the way the variegations form that circle at the top…

Cute little hat! Wow, it sure does look tiny compared to the big one. :slight_smile:


Sorry Everyone… beeeeeeen really busy …
Have 4 websites I have to finish up… and I’m supposed to be knitting for this Knit Exchange which I’ve not been able to… and theater is starting back up again… hopefully I can get back soon :frowning: