The seasons and knitting

The warmer it gets outside the less I’m finding time to knit. Sure I have more to do now, running around outside and waking up the garden and all that but I think it’s mainly a temperature thing. I find knitting to be a snuggly activity and being plopped in the over sized chair surrounded by fiber is less appealing when it’s warm outside. I suppose I could go buy some light cotton and such and knit small and/or light things. I know I could get a jump on the holiday gifts but I’m just not feeling it. Anyone else feel this way? What do you do about it?

I know what you mean. I am working on a scarf and not much feeling it right now. I haven’t been knitting very long so I don’t know if it’s common for everyone- but I am thinking probably it is.

When it gets really hot I probably won’t want to knit anything heavy, maybe dishcloths/etc. But if I don’t do some holiday stuff (I have a ton of ideas) through the spring and summer I will never get them done!

Edited to add I HAVE to be knitting SOMETHING though! :mrgreen:

I probably knit more in the summer than any other time. Fall/winter is a busy time for me. There are so many holidays, family birthdays, football games, etc. So, from August until after Christmas, I have a hard time finding time to knit.

However, I have to admit, there is something special about knitting near the fireplace when it is cold outside. I live in a warm climate, so that doesn’t happen very often.

Speaking of living in a warm climate; in the summer it may be a billion degrees outside, but inside is COLD! Almost all public places (offices, restaurants, movie theatres, grocery stores) keep the temperature SO cold inside that I have to take a sweater with me everywhere I go. Hmm, I wonder if that is why I knit more in the summer? :??

I don’t knit very often in the summer either. I tend to do my second favorite hobby - reading. I sit by the pool and read all summer long, then, when September hits, I’m back to the knitting. Since I’m on a sock kick, though, I’ll probably knit this summer to get a jump on Christmas presents. SOCKS FOR EVERYONE WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT!!!:rofl:

Yep, gardening has been severely cutting into my knitting.
And to make matters worse Menards has opened within 3 miles from my house. The lumber yard that was close to my house closed many years ago so getting Menards has kept me busy catching up on the house upkeep and planning new things.

[COLOR=“Magenta”]I am the same way, at least so far,since I’m fairly new. But I do notice that when we do get a nice day,with sun…I am not in the chair knitting,or reading. Those two loves usually take the back seat to walking more,gardening…and flower buying. However I’m still buying yarn,so go figure…[/COLOR]

I’m like McKnitty, I live in a warmer area. What I have noticed is that I tend to gravitate towards cotton and sock weight yarn when it gets warm. Last summer I actually went through a knitless spell and the summer was on the cool end for our area. I also like smaller projects too.

I knit less in the summer as well…I have this stupid condition, Hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating. My hands sweat terribly…It’s not nearly as bad in the winter because of the cold and with the heater going, my skin really dries out but come summer…GAH! It’s terrible! If I can manage to knit in the summer I can only do it until my hands start sweating again, which doesn’t take long…Bah!

I should hope so! Let’s not get crazy here:teehee:

I have always put my knitting away come spring and don’t bring it back out until the first snow. I’m not finding myself excited about spring this year though. It may be because we got an 8" snowfall over the weekend and it still hasn’t melted off.
All you wonderful knitters have so inspired me that this has been my most productive winter and I may not stop but merely slow down to fit my outdoor activities in.