The Science of Cables... Particularly, Sand Cables?!

Hello all, I’m working on my first cabling pattern, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get them to look right. I’ve restarted the darn thing like six times and although it’s supposed to look like your common Sand Cables, it just turns out like this every time…

The cables look nice but they do look more spaced out than the usual Sand Cable. What Is the name of your pattern?

Hello! Thank you for the response. Yeah, they kind of just look like crooked, bee hive, half cable things. Nothing like the dress in the pattern! It’s the Travelling Cable Dress With Intertwined Trim by Lorraine Hearn. I found it on Ravelry.

Stunning looking dress.

The cables toward the bottom look like the sand cables shown here.

Then they break down and become more free form. Is it these later cables that are causing the problem or is it the initial sand cable? or maybe the transition between the two?

Thank you for this! I think it’s trying to keep the pattern regular when adding increases on either end. I haven’t figured out yet the look of where the stitches held in back, or front, need to be. So, following the pattern, and adding stitches, without intuitively understanding the pattern is hard for me to get it to look as it should.

I think it would be hard for anyone. I would probably put a marker on either side inside the increases. In other words, marking off the original number of sts. Then all the increases fall outside the markers and the cable pattern continues on the same original sts.

Even if you have enough increases so that the cable pattern spreads out, this kind of thing helps me maintain sanity.

Holy crap, that’s GENIUS. So simple I feel silly for not coming anywhere near thinking of that, but I’m more grateful to you and your help! Thank you SO MUCH for taking an interest in my post and seeing me through to a useful solution :slight_smile:

It looks to me like the cables all over the dress are the same, they just look different because the top, across the shoulders and bust are more stretched out in the photo.

It also looks to me like you’re doing them right.