The scarf that will become a throw WIP

I learned that basket weave stitch existed right here on good ole KH. I had to find a way to try it out so i decided to make hubby dear and new scarf. I had about 2 feet done (35 stitches wide, size 10 needles) when i went to the store and picked up some lion brand thick and quick that was on sale. I decided to use it to make a quick scarf for me. When it was finished, i didn’t like it. So i picked out the bind off and made it longer and gave it to hubby.
This left me with the basket weave scarf. I didn’t want to frog it cause I really liked the way it looked so I decided to make several strips and sew them together into a throw. We’re big snuggle up on the couch with a throw people around here.

And since I’d never posted anything in this ara of the borad I figured this was a good thing to start with. I could like some help for sewing it together when the time comes. Thanks :slight_smile:

Great woodsy color combo going on there! I like it! Thanks for sharing your photo with us! Great all around! Try doing an invisible seam stitch. Amy has seaming videos for you to look at.

That is going to be a beautiful throw. You’re doing a super job!

It looks great!! I can’t wait to see it finished :happydance:


It’s looking good x

It looks wonderful. Hurry up and finish it so we can see it:)

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Lol I am I am, I had to take a break and try to make a dent in the housework today :stuck_out_tongue: I just need to figure out how to knit while I vacuum and fold laundry