The right side of my circ knitting is inside the tube

Hi! :waving:

I’m knitting a tube for a project, with a cuff like a sock and then a patterned tube. I’m using magic loop and the knitting is coming out nicely but the right side of the pattern stitch is coming out on the inside of the tube.

I’ve knit socks before and it seems to me the right side of the pattern stitch was on the outside.

Did I slip up somewhere? TIA for your help!

Ruthie :hug:

You may be able to just flip your knitting inside out and keep going, to get the outside on the outside. :slight_smile: Probably, you started knitting on the far side of the circle instead of the near side. If you flip it inside out, you should then be knitting on the near side.

It’s inside out most likely, but I think if you flip it before you finish your working yarn will be coming from the wrong side so it’ll take some fixing at the end to close the hole.

This page shows all three techniques of knitting in the round so maybe it’ll help some.

Actually you can flip it before you’re done, just make sure the yarn is coming from the last stitch on the right needle and that the tips are toward you rather than away from you.