The Purple sweater baby set

I made this for my granddaughter who is 12 weeks old. She is almost out of it already!
It’s made with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, one of my top favorite yarns.


Thanks Carey!

How sweet! Aren’t grand daughters the best?

(OK, I’m very partial! I’m sure grandsons’ are just fine. :wink: )

They are and so are grandson’s! I have 2 of each, LOL!


:inlove: It’s beautiful!

:inlove: so pretty…it looks wonderful!!

Beautiful set! Good work!

Great looking set. Good job! It sounds like you should start knitting again though, so she will have something to grow into, as well as something to grow out of!

These are so pretty, Jen! Great job!!!

They’re cute, they looks so soft too :slight_smile:

Oh, the sweater is gorgeous! Nice job!

Thanks Jan!

Thanks Dust!

Thanks Knit2be! I love your name! Acutually I was fit to be tied a few times today, lol!

Thanks Knitter…actually I knitted the light purple sweater I posted here earlier in the week that will fit her in a week or two and right now I’m knitting the hat that goes with it. I’m thinking about making a baby shrug that she could wear on Easter, but I don’t want to make it, if her mommy has something else in mind. I should just ask her, but I don’t want to put her on the spot!!

Thanks Mary!

Thanks Eccie…they are soft, I really love the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino…it just knits up so nice…

Thanks Nathalie, I loved making the sweater and the baby socks were fun!

What a lovely looking set.