The purple hat with a braid+white bag

Just fabulous!!! Love the bag and the hat is so creative!!! :cheering:

Those are both lovely!

Your work is so inspirering. I love the white bag and the hat is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Stunning work on both projects Lima!! Great job!

All of your work is so nice, Lima! Wonderful work, as usual!!!

Nice work Lima! The bag is a very pretty pattern and the hat is so unique!

Do you have to be a member of myspace? I can never, ever see Lima’s creations! :???:

to everyone for the nice comments!:heart:
Once,My daughter showed me how to use my space and I don’t know how to blogging at other places,:aww: I undestand very little about computers…:shrug:

those are both great but I love the hat! Is it your own pattern as well?

is not mine. I found such shape of hat in russian knitting magazine from 1989. I only modificated braid.It was a different braid.
I plan to knit another one like that only with different stitch pattern.
I like to change things… :knitting: