The Purl

When I first learned to knit I made a garter stitch scarf like 10 billion others. But my second project was a lacy pattern that included lots of purling. And as simply as that, I was hooked.
I love to purl. I love to knit too, but the sight of yarn in front, the slight dip of the index finger and another beautiful stitch being created is wonderful.

What do you think?

Gotta say that I like the knit stitch much better. Easier on the hands. Plus, I really like the smooth look.

But, to each his/her own. :wink:

I find that too much purling does hurt my hands, but I don’t really mind it and can do it fairly quickly. It’s nice when it’s a mix of stitches though so you don’t get bored.

Love to purl! It was so hard for me to learn to do it, that it always makes me feel very clever.

I agre with JoeE. I was so exited when I could finally get it (took me a solid week… I had to get one of my friends to teach me) I just couldn’t do it enough. Now I like to do a healthy mix of the two :thumbsup:

I prefer the knit stitch too. But I do combination, so I do it through the front loop too. Try that, you might enjoy seeing that loop come through the front of your needle to make a new stitch just as much for a knit as a purl :wink: