The Proverbial Knitting Bag Search

[color=red][b]I am looking for a knitting bag … I went to Birkeland Bros in Vancouver and they had the style I wanted but iwasn’t sure about color… I don’t want a tote bag that is high and has no bottom, the kind you carry your library books in or to work … seen tons of those, handmade and otherwise and they aren’t me … rather I want one that is squarish and has a hard or at least formed bottom and either inside or outside on the ends or sides, pockets where to put your wool … I saw one on Ebay that a gal makes herself and they look great and pretty close to what I want … I’d order it if I can’t find one locally.

Anyone have any recommendations for shops that might have something like this? Maybe I need to look outside the box, like in luggage or handbag shops … maybe even a diaper bag … hmmm … Gucci or Vuitton shop??? Even if I had to order it online I’d do that.


well i have fallen in love with my diaperbag website but i also have the problem of bags never being big enough.

did you see the Jordana Paige or Namaste bags? (don’t get sucked into the neeeeedles!) :teehee:

I also like green mountain knitting bags. trying to get one of her sale bags can be nearly impossible though!

What’s your diaperbag website??
[/color] (don’t get sucked into the neeeeedles!) :teehee:

[color=red]Sigh … I was … .I’m so weak. :oops: [/color]

I also like green mountain knitting bags. trying to get one of her sale bags can be nearly impossible though!

[color=red][b]Those are fabulous … I don’t see any prices … did you order from her directly? Which one do you have?


yeah she puts bags up for sale every thursday night (well nearly every…) and they are usually gone by the time i remember to go look to see what is available. The bags are pricy. I paid about $150 for mine, with a pouch for accessories. I have one of the Boho bags. If you see something in a fabric you like you can e-mail her and ask her what she has available. she will give you pricing on what you would like the bag to be. They do take a while though since she makes all the bags by hand herself (except the handles…a friend of hers makes those.) is the diaper bag site (clever name huh?) :wink:

i tol’ja and tol’ja not to look at the needles!

I love my Jordana Paige Knitter’s Satchel.

I carry it everywhere!

[color=red][b]Oh I love your wedding pictures!!! I wanted to put mine into something like that, just didn’t know a nice one to use … I’ll be married two years on Monday.

I think I have to order those funkya$$ needles though … I’m going to watch tonight and see if the bags go on … so the ones she puts up on sale are the ones she has ready to go? I wouldn’t care what fabric it was, they’re beautiful.


You might want to try, or go over to to the bag forum and email people to custom make one for you.

I started sewing just to make a cool knitting bag. I’ve made a couple so far, and I often wish I would have just ordered a Jordan Paige bag or something. Fabric is just as addictive as yarn, and sits around just as long til you do something with it. :wink:

I am going to be ordering this one pretty soon:

[color=red][b]Gee, that’s bright!! They’ll see you coming!!

Too bad they don’t ship to Canada … I saw a couple on there that were great.


I also sew my own bags. It is really cool to do once you get into it. You get to pick out all your own fabric and such. I did post in the buy/sell section some samples of what I make, and though I love to do custom, I have never done a hard bottom bag. Did whip up my own dpn holder in about 2 hrs though! Take a look at my samples in back pages of buy/sell if you want. good luck on the hunt! :heart:

[color=red][b]Has anyone seen this site?? I love the look of these bags … MY COMPANION.


i have a pattern for something incredibly similar if you would like to knit and felt your own… :shrug:

[b][color=red]I went to our nearby quilting/wool shop and they had one on display that was very similar but had a pocket in front … they had done a class for it but it was awhile ago and they were out of the pattern, the lady was un helpful and didn’t know when they’d have more in and didn’t bother to ask anyone else …

Is felting just washing it and laying it to dry? I gather it must knit up quite big before you wash it? They had a slipper on display there that was before felting and it would have fit Paul Bunyan … the one after felting would have fit a normal foot. I’ve never felted but I like the look of these bags. I like something with a formed bottom which most of the tote ones don’t have.

I’d love your pattern, thanks Dee! :hug:


Here ya go!

hope this is of help to you… :muah:

[color=red][b]Thanks Dee! That’s super cute!! I haven’t heard of the yarn used but I can probably find something close at the LYS … :muah:


I’m knitting a pattern featured in the knittng book, Pursenalities, that looks similar to the bag you want. It has a flat, rectangular bottom & two side pockets.

[color=red][b]Where did you get the book??

Toby (who needs more books)[/b][/color]

I have the everyday bag from NamasteNeedles and I love it. Carry it to work with me every day.

Not to hijack this thread…but I was an idiot and went to Namast to see what the big deal was with the needles. I now have birthday list ideas (dh would have a hissy if I ordered them right now :verysad: ).

Is it wrong to covet those needles? :notworthy:



Check for the book. I just cut and pasted the title of the book, and it brought up the book, along with several other interesting titles!