The Postman comes

Well, actually he doesn’t. We drive a 30 mile round trip to get packages when they don’t come UPS, but my daughter and her husband went to town and brought back 3 packages of yarn and 100 lbs of nectarines.

The specifics of the yarns are on my blog, but I love seeing what yarns are out there so thought I would share the photo here. I like to see what other yarn people are getting. I find it great for ideas (if not so great for the wallet).

Mama Bear

OH My Goodness!!! I am loving all of the yarn (and nectarines) that you got in the mail!!! Gotta luv yarn by mail :cheering:

Okay, this week I’ve gotten andean silk from KnitPicks
Malabrigo from Lambikins
A-maizing from DivaKnitting :cheering: :cheering:

Mmmmm… those look lovely! I really want to try malabrigo!

Is the A-maizing the yarn from corn? It looks lovely but I have someone here with a corn allergy so I’m thinking that is probably a no go for me.

Can’t wait to see what you make with these!

Mama Bear

Ohh! Those are all lovely pictures. I’m drooling over the A-maize-ing especially. What a beautiful color! :heart: What are you planning on making with it?

ohhh that intense blue one is beautiful!!! and the colorful pinkish one right beside is beautiful too mama bear!! :D:D:D
I love your green one and your malabrigo becca!! :smiley: :cheering: :cheering:

That sure is a lot of fruit! I wish I could help you eat them. I :heart: nectarines!

Yeah, fabulous yarn, but the real questions is this. What the heck does one need 100 lbs of nectarines for? :roflhard:

She is storing up yummy nectar goodies in the freezer :cheering: :cheering:

I am love, loving the malabrigo, just as I thought!
Yes, MB, this is the yarn made from corn! It’s soft, with a bit of a cottony feel, but it bounces back and has give where cotton doesn’t. I think that i will probably knit a scarf and hat. It will be perfect for our winters since they don’t get so cold!