The PJ Bandit

The title will make more sense after you read this (and it’s all true!).

As if I didn’t have enough stress as it is…

Here’s the source of it:

Well, my sweet (yeah, right) little Molly, recently adopted and named with y’all’s help, has discovered the hole that our other sweet (sure, whatever) dog Pele dug a few months ago.

So, for the last two days, both dogs have just been having a grand ole time playing in the neighbor’s yard behind me. BUT, they’ve always come back under the fence when I call.

Not this morning.

I put the shock collar on Pele after having ordered (last night) new batteries for the other collar, which will be used on Molly. I thought that if Pele was discouraged from going under, Molly would as well.

Guess what, the battery in Pele’s collar is dead too – a fact I would soon discover (much like the pee in front of my door this morning).

So I look outside and see only my oldest dog (good girl!) on the porch.

I call for the other two dogs. Pele comes out from under the fence, but there’s no Molly, although I can hear her. It’s 5:30am, and I’m calling her name, trying not to screech and wake the neighbors.


I go inside and grab some dog treats and hunker down (like I’m doing my business) by the hole, holding the treats under the fence, thinking Molly might see them and come running. No go. I don’t even hear her at this point.

I briefly examine the hole to see if I can fit under but decide not to try it.

So then I start worrying that maybe she got out of their yard and is wandering around the neighborhood. I jump, barefoot and with night clothes on, into the Jeep and drive around the corner and park in front of my neighbor’s house. No lights on at home.


So, I look for the fence gate. Of course, I choose the wrong side of the house first. Going to the other side of the house, and looking like the PJ Bandit, I finding the gate, trying to be quiet, but of course I’m not. Egad…did I wake the sleeping bodies inside. Apparently not. But I do get in. Beautiful back yard. I’ve always wondered what it looked like. Too bad I’m seeing it in my pj’s at 5:30 in the morning!

No dog. I see the porch door ajar. I creep up to the door and peek inside. No Molly.


I turn around, and there comes my Molly, hopping around through their flower bed…happy as can be.


I scoop her up, sneak back out of the yard, and quietly close the latch. We drive back home as quickly as possible.

The bad thing is that I can’t punish her at this point because she would have no clue what she did wrong.

“Uh, hello, Pet Supply Store, can you please RUSH those danged batteries.”


AWWWW :roflhard:

we had a “jailbreak” too yesterday! We have a large fenced in dog run (with a dog house, shade, water and food). We have 2 basset hounds. Usually very lazy. One is an escape artist, so we hook her to a large tie out in the pen. (she can go in the dog house and reach all corners, but can’t dig out.) the other dog is too old and lazy to do anything. (so we thought.)

I walk out the front door to go pick up my daughter from day camp and there is the older one wandering in the (weird) neighbor’s front yard!!! Ack!!!

She came right to me, happy as a clam. I run back into the back yard to see about the other one. She is still attached to the tie out, but she is yanking on the door of the pen with her teeth,a nd she has pulled it open. Good grief!!! I thought for sure she had hurt her mouth/teeth with that- but no.

I have no idea what got into her/ them. they were only out there for an hour or so to get a little fresh air while I was on a teleconference. Normally, they can spend the whole day out there happily! The only thing I can figure out is the neighbors up the street are having major construction done to the back of their house. We can see their construction from our back yard. Our silly dogs must have wanted to go play with the workmen…

thank goodness they still had their collars on with their tags. Animal control is pretty fast in our neighborhood, and the one time the escape artist got out, she had wriggled out of her collar and was picked up within an hour.

glad you got everyone back!!!

How funny!

I saw a video (I think it was AFV) where a dog, notorious for escaping the yard, climbed a tree, and climbed over a deer stand looking thing that had been erected as a deterrent, to get over the fence. It was truly amazing.

My problem is that Molly is so small that she can fit under the fence quite easily. Or maybe the problem is that the hole is too big. Pele is 55 pounds now, and although he struggles, he still gets through.


Oh, Nathalie - the mental image of you sneaking around the neighbor’s house in your PJs is just too funny!:lol:

LOL- too funny!

Is there a way to block the hole? we had to give up blocking holes with the escape artist- she just dug them again… every so often we pack new dirt down in the hole and within a few days, she’s dug it again.

When a dog is determined… what can ya do? I’m glad the neighbors didn’t find you in your pj’s!

We’ve tried blocking the holes, but the dogs manage to move whatever we use.

So, shock collar here we come. I wish I didn’t have to, but it certainly stops my other dogs – when the batteries work.

At least the PJs are my cute ones…striped long pants from VS. So I was a stylish (minus the wild, unwashed, hair) bandit! Maybe I could give Paris Hilton some tips!

We used to have a dog that could climb our 8 foot wooden fence. The first time, the animal control lady took him wiht her, but called cause he had tags. THe second, she put him back, and he followed her right out. After that she would let him ride in the front seat of her truck and bring him home after my mom got home. After a few days, he started getting out and going to sit next to the road to wait on her.

I am glad that you found her, and that no one saw you (we hope) in you pjs. :teehee:

Wow, maybe spending $2k on a fenced in dog run isn’t a good idea…

I can just picture you sneaking around in your pj’s…that must have been a sight:roflhard:

I have to say though, that it must be a little hard to get angry at a puppy that’s so darn cute!

That’s the only thing that saves our John. He has the cutest face and these heart melting eyes. He is SO NAUGHTY!!!


That is a funny story!!

We had a dog when I was a kid who’d get out of her pen. She was a beagle. She’d climb the tree in the pen. She got knocked up, so dad moved the fence so the tree was outside the pen (I’m told homes were found for all the pups.) So then she started climbing the fence. Got knocked up again (this was the early 70’s–spay & neuter wasn’t a common thing yet). We kept that pup (only 1 in the litter), & dad installed electric fencing. So, then she’d roll the pup up against the fence to see if the current was turned on! Mother of the year she was not. Dad ended up selling her to a couple of hunters.

Oh my! That is hysterical! I know, believe me I know it wasn’t funny at the time.

I have a 12 foot stockade fence and my boy doesn’t dig BUT one time my mom left the gate open and Cyrus got out.

It was 4:00 AM and I never noticed the open gate…until a half hour later when I went out to get him in. My heart stopped. Like you, I was prowling the neighborhood in my PJ’s. I was terrified! Cyrus is a Rottweiler and sometimes folks are funny about Rotts, he is a long coat and I am always paranoid about theft 'cause he is so unique looking. I was going to go back for my car when I had a brainstorm. There was a beautiful white cat that came to our yard to visit and play with Cyrus and the cat’s owner was a sweet little girl who Cyrus adored. I walked to their house, called him and he bounded out of their yard.

Yes, I ALWAYS check the gate now!

I’m so glad Cyrus only wanted to play with the kitty!! What a sweet boy. :heart:

I love Rotties, however, our neighbor has one, Raven, and he is so mean. I really can’t stand it because I want to hug him so bad, and I can’t even go in the fence unless he is put up in the house.

They are an older couple, and he is good protection, but I just couldn’t stand to have a dog like him.

I would NEVER allow my dog to decide who comes into my yard or into my house. That is is my decision not his.

Unfortunately a lot of folks think a dog like that is “good protection” but nothing could be further from the truth. Usually dogs like that are afraid for THEMSELVES, it is called fear aggression. They will react to anything, even if there is no threat. An accident waiting to happen.

Not to mention it gives many great, noble breeds a bad reputation.

Denise, I agree with you on all points! I guess Raven is really a deterrent more than protection.

I think it’s absolutely disgraceful using a shock collar on any dog, let alone a small puppy like that.

If you can’t think of any other method to train your dogs other than by cruelty, i.e. by inflicting pain, you shouldn’t have them.

Get yourself on a training course or at least, read a book on animal training and welfare.

If you lived in the UK, you’d be reported to the RSPCA.

Umm…wow. What can I say. I’m a bit surprised at this comment. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but before passing judgment on me, how about asking some questions first.

If you’ve ever read my posts here, you’ve seen how I question myself and my decisions. I care deeply for my pets (see [SIZE=4][COLOR=Red][B]this[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] thread).

I researched my options very carefully and asked advice here. This was something I ordered for my middle dog – only after we tried many other methods of containment first.

And, not that I have to justify myself to you, but the product has different levels for adjustment, from only beeping to level five, for larger dogs. I have it set low, and it beeps first, warning the dogs. They’re not dumb. They learn after the first time. It’s actually a very humane way to keep your animals within the boundaries that you set. The inhumane thing to do would be to allow them to get out and either get hurt or make them someone else’s responsibility.

I’ve adopted all three of my dogs from animal shelters. They are the happiest-go-lucky dogs you’ll ever meet. They know that they are loved. When you have children, you set boundaries for them. Sometimes you erect barriers. It’s painful, but we do it because we love them. The same thing goes for my animals. I’ve had dogs all of my life. I don’t adopt them to mistreat them. I’m not a stupid pet owner. I buy magazines, do research on the internet, and ask many people advice if I’m not sure about something. I drill my vets with questions. If I didn’t want to be a good pet owner, why would I go through such efforts?

I’m sure that you’re still going to feel the way you do, but I felt like I had to defend myself.

:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: I’m with you, auburnchick. I think that maybe Limey has misunderstood the way the collar works and hence the reaction :shrug:.In Israel many mothers think that telling your children something is bad and they are not allowed to do it is bounding their freedom and ruining their childhood, that’s why they grow up into what they are…