The Pictures Are Coming In! Stitch Marker Swap

(Update: Go to last page for a complete list of those from whom I have received an entry questionnaire)


It’s been a day or so, and nobody’s said nuthin, so I’m gonna go ahead and start this baby up!

Registration will be open for 7 days until January 31st, and you will receive swap names by the evening of that following Saturday, Feb 2nd. All markers should be mailed NO LATER THAN Feb 11th, in order to make it by Valentines Day. Is that enough time for you all, or would you prefer one more week?

Here are the rules:

You make 25 stitch markers: 5 full sets, 5 stitch markers each set. You keep one set and mail off 4 of them to 4 separate people (you will be receiving these names and mailing addresses from me shortly after the signup deadline).

I thought 5 would make a better “set” than 4 because you could have a central marker and two on each side. I dunno, 5 seems more “complete” to me than 4, but if anyone disagrees speak up!

You don’t have to make 25 IDENTICAL stitch markers, but please make sure that each SET MATCHES ITSELF. Don’t just go willy nilly silly stringing beads onto your wire. Also, please keep the marker itself to about an inch in length, give or take. The first time I made some I made them like 2" long, waaaay too much for my little projects. I had more marker on my needles than yarn! :teehee:

The stitch markers are the only thing required, though being a Valentines swap, you are free to send your love in whatever way you wish in addition to the markers.

Ok, everyone who wants to participate, give a hoot on the thread, fill out this questionnaire and send it to me via PM.

Full Name:
KH username:
Mailing Address:

Are you okay with 5 sets of 5, or would you prefer to make more/less? Please be specific.

What size needles do you use MOST often? (This will help the person who’s making the markers to gauge how big/small of a jump ring to use for the actual part that goes ON the needle. No need for a 6mm ring for someone who only uses size 1-2 for socks!)

What are your favorite colors?

What are your favorite kinds/types of beads? (ex. glass, metal, stone, gem, funky shapes, etc)

Please rate your level of “artistic skill” when it comes to making stitch markers/jewelry/working with wire from 1-5 (1 being a newbie, 5 being a pro). This will help me determine the swap order so people end up with a roughly even distribution of complexity in their markers.

How shall I maintain contact with you? PM or alternate email?

I’m up for it.

PS. Once I’ve received your registration and entered you into my list, I will reply to your PM to confirm. Catz, I saw your PM but I haven’t gotten around to putting it into my spreadsheet. I will let you know by PM once that’s happened.

Off to class!!

Sent in my questionarre yay!:woot:

I’m in =D

I’d like to play but I don’t know if I’ll be able to until closer to the deadline. Stupid car dying and taking all the available cash rumble grumble

This sounds like a fun swap but I’m gonna have to sit it out :frowning:
Can’t wait to see all the pretties that everyone comes up with

Libbie :slight_smile:

i will i will! it’s another excuse to buy beads!


We now have enough for one complete rotation!

Any more takers? =]

This is gonna be fun!

I know what a marker is, but I’m not sure how to make them. I’d like to participate. Was there a thread prior to the invite that gave more detail?:yay:

Yes, if you go to the thread I started “Idea for swap?” there should be link to a lovely picture tutorial. Lemme know if you need help finding it.

I am so in!!! Sent you a PM with Valentine Stitch marker swap in the subject line… couldn’t remember the "official’ name…
Oh boy, another trip to the bead store!:woohoo: :out:

Looks like this’ll be an intimate affair! I’ve gone and purchased the necessary materials, I’ve got a queue of beads ready to go!

Any more takers? Just a few days left…

Maybe you should “advertise” it in the General Knitting thread to see if you can get more people. Me personally, intimate is just fine.
Thanks for putting this together! It’s going to be fun.:woohoo:

So far, participants (including myself!!) are:


A nice intimate group! This is going to be so much fun! :woohoo:

Eccie, peterandvera, are you in?!!

I saw a couple of other names from the other thread, too!

25 stitch markers in 10 days, c’mon you can do it!

I’ve already started!! hehe. I’m on a stitch marker rampage! I’ve got to go back for more headpins!

So have I:teehee:

It’s off to the bead store this weekend. Making my list as we speak!:slight_smile:


Everyone should have received the names and info of their swap partners via PM.

The 4 names you got are the 4 people YOU ARE MAKING MARKERS FOR, just in case there was any confusion.

Please remember to have packages mailed by the 11th! Minimum requirement is the full set of 5 markers (unless otherwise specified), but you are welcome to make more or send your love in other ways in addition to the 5.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to PM me.

ALSO: Please take care when shipping. Do not just put some glass beads into a business envelope and then drop it in the box! Bubble mailers, cotton balls, small sturdy boxes (like the kinds for jewelry) are GREAT, and “FRAGILE GLASS: HANDLE WITH CARE” or “FRAGILE: PLEASE HAND STAMP” or something to that effect should be clearly marked on the package so that it does not go through the automatic sorting machine that most post offices use nowadays. Fairy dust in the mail is nice, but not when you’re expecting stitch markers. =]