My husband told me to place an order for yarn and needles for my birthday and I’m so excited…what a way to celebrate my big 5-0 which is coming up this Sunday…OUCH!! Since this knitting fever hit me in November, I just can’t get enough yarn or accumulate enough needles, read enough knitting magazines/books…or read enough posts from Amy’s site! I ordered 9 skeins of Noro Kureyon (2 different colors) 2 sizes of circular needles, 1 size of double pointed needles and 2 skeins of a novelty yarn from WEBS…can’t wait for it to arrive!


I want some too … :rollseyes:

Wow!! What a wonderful, supportive husband! I just love little gestures like this that show partners showing an interest in our hobbies. I think it is a great level of respect.

Have a happy birthday and enjoy it! Sheesh, you’re turning 50, you deserve to enjoy it!!

Happy Birthday! :smiley: Sounds like you have a fabulous hubby. And you live in a beautiful area of the country. My in-laws live in Hickory. Enjoy your special day!

:happydance: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :happydance:

Thank you…actually, my husband LOVES that I’ve found knitting! We moved to Mt. Airy 3 1/2 years ago after never moving out of town before and our family is still in Dunn, so I get so homesick sometimes and knitting has helped me cope since there haven’t been any local government jobs (my field) around here and now, we also have a 15 month old grandson who has stolen my heart. We will move back toward their direction in a few years, so I’m looking forward to taking my “habit” back “home”! We also drive down (almost 3 hours) every other weekend, so he really likes that I’m knitting rather than nagging about his driving!!

Sara, I have a good friend who is from Hickory and he’s now the Town Manager in Blowing Rock…small world!


You can knit in the car? I’m so jealous. I suffer terribly from motion sickness. It’s hard for me to read a map sometimes, so I make a list of highway and exit numbers. We went to see The Bourne Identity and I had to sit with my head down not looking at the screen- a “steadicam” is the worst misnomer ever. Can’t go to the planetarium, either.

Blowing Rock is a great place. There are some really good fiber artists in that area. It’s also a hotbed area for studio potters.