The peach shawl is happily finished!

For many years I knitted traditional shapes like sweaters,skirts, dresses and coats.(At least, it was traditional for me [:)])

I started to see knitting on the internet 18-20 month ago, and I found many new beautiful shapes of knitting, what I never tried to make before(for example,designs for off the shoulder cloth like poncho,stoles, shawls,caplets and others…)

Now I’m learning to knit new shapes.This is my first tries to knit traingle shawl:

Very begginig:

One hour later

Tree hours later:

My hands a kind of clumsy with tiny stitches and thin yarn, after I made shrug with very thick and large stitches, but… a little bit of practice- and will be OK!

                            IT'S READY!!!!!!!!:cheering:

i almost exactly followed instruction with SWALLOWTAIL SHAWL from ‘‘Knits’’( fall 2006) with a small modify:

it said:’‘repeate chart 14 times’’ and I did repeate 17 times…(20 rows more). So… i made a big shawl. Even biger then I planed, but I’m happy with this size.

It must be ‘‘23 from bottom centre point to top edge and 49’’ wide across top edge,after blocking’’.

My shawl size is 57’ after blocking. Huge!!!

OH that is beautiful work.

It suits you too. I love it and the colour too. :slight_smile:

Wow! Great job and fab color on you!


beautiful and such a pretty color!

Absolutely beautiful!!

It looks absolutely gooorgeous!!!


Fantastically gorgeous! It is just lovely!:muah:

Absolutely gorgeous! :inlove:

That would definitely pair perfectly with a little black dress. :wink:

Very lovely indeed :cheering:

I agree. :thumbsup::blooby::knitting:

That is an absolutely beautiful pattern! You did a fabulous job!


how pretty! it looks great on you.

Thank you, ladies!(and may be gentelmans!)I’m glad you like it!:muah:

Lovely, :cheering:lovely, :cheering:lovely.:cheering:

Wow - it’s gorgeous! I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant when I saw “peach shawl” but it came out beautifully! Great job :smiley:

Your shawl is very pretty indeed. Can you tell me what weight yarn you used? It appears to be fingering or DK. I’m I correct?

Very pretty but looks complicated. I’ve recently knitted a triangular shawl for a friend at church, but it was a very simple shawl with a knitted lace edging that turned out pretty–but nothing to compare to your shawl.


Fantastic job! Looks great on you!:thumbsup:

It is lovely, and looks great on you. What yarn did you use?