The "PATTERNS" tab

I noticed that when I click on the PATTERNS tab it comes up with a database error … just sayin’ 'sall.

I see:
Your config/database.yml may not be written correctly. Please check it and fix any errors.
Your database schema may be out of date or nonexistant. Please run rake db:migrate to ensure that the database schema is up-to-date.
The database server may not be running. Please check whether it’s running, and start it if it isn’t.
Error message:
Access denied for user ‘knitting_kt’@‘’ (using password: YES) (Mysql::Error)
Exception class:
Application root:

And a weird pink table with columns etc in it.

Me too. Ruby on Rails apparently derailed.
They’ve been doing a lot of work on the site and I guess it’s to be expected that things like this can happen. Betcha it gets fixed soon. I noticed that I was always being logged out but that’s not happening anymore. Since there will be new needles available in The Shop soon, maybe work there is somehow spilling over into other areas? Whatever the explanation, I’m sure it’s temporary and now we know those who need to will know.

They’ve been adding dozens of patterns so possibly something messed up today. Or it’s just a glitch. Will let them know.

Apparently so! :roflhard:

Jan’s no doubt already emailed Sheldon, but I’ll make sure he got it. Thanks for the heads up, DavidSydney63!

It’s back up again.

I messed it up. :mrgreen: I blame it on working on some code yesterday afternoon and getting distracted by my 4 year old daughter mid-thought, closing computer and then going off to do something else. I forgot to check to make sure everything was ok.

Thanks for the heads up.

Thousands! :mrgreen:

We have grown our free patterns section from a meager hundred or so, to over 2,000 patterns. We’re adding about a hundred or two new ones every week. It’s become a popular fixture on the website and we’re delighted it serves a function for knitters. :cheering:

If anyone has free patterns they’d like to see included, you can submit them here:


I showed the…whatever it was to my dh (he’s a programmer…) asking him what it meant:

His reply: “all your database r belong to us.”


I blame things on my kids too. :wink: Of course, my elder child is much closer to 40 than 4. Thanks, Sheldon! I had noticed there were more patterns, I had no idea how many, and all free! Yea!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

PS: I know Sheldon isn’t really saying it’s Erin’s fault. Stuff happens sometimes.

LOL! :mrgreen: By the time 5PM rolls around my brain just shuts down. Since baby #2 came along, it’s been complete mentally exhaustion in the evening. I used to pride myself on being able to juggle multiple things and keep track of everything in my head. Nowadays if I don’t set a reminder I forget. Even then I still forget.

What I really need to do is create a system that monitors KH and alerts me if any part is down. KH is currently 5 separate applications any one of which can break. Fortunately when one breaks it doesn’t take down the whole site. This is the second time in a month I have killed the free patterns section and went to sleep. Whoops!

:mrgreen: Fortunately not all of them. Just one of them was P0wnd1111!!! I had changed the password, but neglected to tell the app about it. It doesn’t like when I do that.


I love it when tech type people have a sense of humor. Most of the ones I’ve ever known do, sometimes it’s kind of weird but so is mine. I need to search out the thread about the shop and when the new needle additions will be there.

Some of us are technologically challenged. We’re doing well if we know how to turn the computer on. I just ask the computer geek next door or my daughter. That’s what she went to ITT Tech for. To help out her stupid mother.

My mother says the same thing about me. I went to Devry. My husband is a computer geek so he fixes her computer all the time.