The Origins of the Frog

[size=3][b]So I’ve been thinking about the orgins of “frog” as a verb. I looked it up on webster, but “frog” is only a noun. How have knitters come to use “frog” as a verb? :oops:


From what I understand (I had to ask the same question) it comes from ripping: rip it, rip it, rippit, etc. Any one else?

I was just wondering about this yesterday! Where on earth did this term originate from?! Could it be an acronym?

Fumbled Regretably Oh Gosh…


Thats exactly it… you hit the nail on the head :slight_smile:


Pretty sure it comes from saying, “rip it” so many times. Say it fast enough, and it sounds like you’re saying, “ribbit”. As everyone knows ribbit is frog speech.

On a personal note, I am becoming quite fluent in ribbiting. It’s almost like a second language. I’m also good at speaking “tink”, since my mom hates anything to do with frogs.

“rip it, rip it, rip it…”

How FUNNY! I always wondered!!!



Makes sense! :lol:

Funny how terms are created, eh :wink:


So what does a knister who’s a ribbing addict call herself? hehe

Okay, what??? I cant’ wait anymore!!!

I don’t know, I figured one of you might.

Oh great!!! Let’s all put our thinking caps (knitted ourselves of course) on and come up with some funnies!!!

Um — a torso?? ribaholic? :lol:


happy? :lol: