The opposite of short rows

I have been reading and practicing using short rows to add more volume for shaping. It is a very useful technique.

When I sew cloth fabric, I can make a “horizontal dart” in the back of a garment (for example) to remove volume.

There must be an equivalent knitting technique. If so, what is it called? and where can I learn about it?

Thank you

Hi. Welcome to Knitting Help.

I think this Introduction to Darts: Vertical and Short-Row might give the info you’re looking for.

Thank you so much. I think that slipping stitches is the technique i was trying to think of. So simple when pointed in the right direction, but impossible until then. Again, Thanks

You’re welcome. I wish I’d found that site when I first started learning about short row darts and then realized there were vertical darts. If you have more questions or need help with a pattern, someone here almost always knows something to help so be sure to ask. Are you making something with darts or just learning about them for when you need to know?