The Official KH Chatroom is now open!

Here it is everyone! Our very own chatroom! :balloons:
Notice our fancy new link to the chatroom; hover over the forum tab and choose “chat” from the new drop-down menu.

[size=5]PLEASE register using your FORUM username!!! [/color][/size]
(So we recognize each other!) Thanks! You can go in and chat any time!
Official group chat times are currently:

Mondays 8pm EST (that’s 5pm Pacific Time, and GMT* 1:00am)
Thursdays 1pm EST (that’s 10am Pacific Time, GMT* 6:00pm)

Stay tuned for upcomming “Theme Chats.” Discussions on specific topics, headed up by our moderators, and potentially non-moderators once we get organized. Look for theme chats in their own chatroom outside of the default general forum. They will likely take place during the above times, in tandem with General Open Chat. We will soon have a sticky thread announcing upcoming Theme chats.

*If you know your GMT timezone, like “GMT -1”, that means start with the GMT time, and minus one hour to get your time. Times are Daylight Savings Time adjusted, so if your location isn’t on DST, you’ll need to adjust by an hour ahead for now, and set it back in the Fall (“Spring forward, Fall back”). I think I got all that right…let me know if anyone catches errors in my math!

If I might add…

If any members have a special topic they might like to see covered in a themed chat, please reply to this thread and let us know! Additionally, if you would like that theme’s chat session covered by a specific member of the Mod Squad, let us know that, too. :happydance:

ummm, you have a problem with the dropdown menu. When I go to forum, I get a dropdown for buttonholes, something, and something else, no chat. Maybe it’s my problem, not yours. :thinking:

Sara, my husband who set up the drop down menu says he used an old template that your browser has cached. When your browser automatically refreshes it’s cache, it will fix itself (will refresh automatically by tomorrow probably). Or you can empty your cache and it will work now.

If anyone has that problem after tomorrow, let me know! Or if there are any other problems, with the chatroom, or anywhere, be sure to tell me!

Thanks Kelly, yes, let’s hear what chatroom topics y’all are interested in!

I just tried to log onto the Chat and was unable to use it from my Safari browser. Also, when I logged on using Explorer, I couldn’t find a place to enter my comments. Am I dense, or what??? :frowning:

Hi DotMom,
KellyK had the same problem, but somehow figured it out. …KellyK, what did you do?

BTW, do you both have Mac’s? Trying to find the common thread…

same thing here, no mac.

:shock: Really???

Okay, this is disconcerting. PLEASE give me details, if you’re having this problem, so I can figure this out. I need to know:

What type of computer (PC or Mac)
What operating system (Win XP, Win 2000, etc.)
Browser and VERSION of Browser (Explorer 6.0, etc.)

Thanks! I’ll try to figure this out.

when i signed in the first time it said i wasn’t actually logged in so i had to do it again. was there another log in window there?

Brendajos, you had to register twice, or just log in twice?

Okay, I’ve started a new thread on “the problem” to solicit info from more people. (here)

Let’s continue the problem-related conversation there.

I had to close out the window, open it and log in (not register) again.

Thanks Kelly.

Dotmom & Sara, you can try that. If not, we might have solved the source of the problem (see other thread). :pray: