The New Magknits is Up!

i love the ballet camisole and summer night, but i don’t like the colinette used in summer nights

any thoughts on a good substitute yarn for the colinette?

I have no idea, but those socks are a more obnoxious looking Broadripple.

Oh, wait, they don’t have the YOs. Still…I would not make socks that color. :shock:

ETA: Hmm…looks like I can only get June to load. So the socks in the JUNE issue are ugly! I can’t get July. :rollseyes:

Oooh, I love that ballet camisole! :inlove: :inlove:

The cami looks like it has great shaping.

I LOVE the socks - cute! It would be fun to try that type of construction. I’ll try anything once!

I like Wimbledon too.

I can’t get Delft to pop in. :thinking:

The sleeves on Summer Nights look huge compared to the body.

The Pixie dress is cute too!

Love that pink camisole! It’s so pink! Did I mention it was pink?

Do you mean the pink one? :rofling:

Summer Nights looks a bit odd to me, too–a bit disproportionate. It does look cozy, though!

I thought so too. It does look like the sides match up…either she put the button in the wrong spot or one side is longer than the other.

I also don’t like how the neckline isn’t finished off. With the roll on the stockinette it just doesn’t look finished to me. Good start…just not finished.

Ooh, I love the ballet camisole! But can I stand knitting that much stockinette? :thinking: And Pixie’s very cute, if I had a little girl to knit for.

I LOVE that ballet cami (rusching like that makes my boobs look bigger!) and the wimbledon, but AGAIN, not written for women with a little more to love!! :mad:

I like the ballet camisole, too. Not pink though. Pink is not my color.

I’m feeling the same thing, there’s hardly ever anything in there for men and the few things I have found were, I felt, not nearly as stylish as the things they put in for women (of any size!)