The new knitty is OUT

Am I the only one who noticed? :shrug:

I love that edition, especially ribena, isabella, palette, dashing, and all the socks… :cheering:

Edited: here’s the LINK!


Isabella is lovely, I like Dashing and think they are a bit more practical than Fetching, though she still uses the stupid waste yarn for the thumb hole. :ick:

Queen of Cups and Clessidra…:thud:

Bauble’s quite lovely but I don’t wear jewelry. :shrug:

I saw the ‘cover’ and my heart exploded with old-school gamer joy. I love Space Invaders! …not the best at it (I’m the master of tetris), but I have an unstoppable need to make these socks now. Also loving on those knee highs… Palette is beautiful as well!

I guess it’s just me then. For that last issue or two, I just am not seeing that much that I can’t live without.

I looked earlier and it wasn’t.

A Silver sock tutorial AND new knitty. Tis a beautiful day!!! :happydance:

Most of it was very blah for me, but the ones I did like I mentioned. :shrug:

OH wow, I absolutely HAVE to make Monica for my girls! They’ll be in heaven!

Yeah, see, that is the problem. I have no little girls to knit for. Everyone I know is having BOYS! BAH!

Carmen, you are welcome to knit for my girls! :slight_smile: I have too many things going on in my life to be able to get to everything I want to do… :stuck_out_tongue:

:happydance: I’m really liking the Queen of Cups and clessidra… I prolly will knit my little girl the monica… dashing is cute… and even though I don’t really go for beaded jewlery I might give bauble a try just to see how it knits up :shrug:

:happydance: :cheering: :balloons: :blooby: :yay: :woot: :woohoo: :clink:

Oh man, It looks really great!!! I :heart: :heart: :heart: The Queen of Cups and Isabella and Monica and Brier Rose and Ribena.
Vestee and Hey Micky were cute and I kind of liked Torque except I don’t like my sweaters that…I don’t know…that baggy.

Great edition :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

it’s a great week for socks!

I am definitely going to need a lot of sock yarn.


I’m loving tahoe, torque, isabella, monica, pallette, bauble, and paper bag.
The socks look cute too, maybe I should learn how to knit socks :slight_smile:

I’m pretty much loving this entire issue…yippee :cheering: :cheering: I’m really happy to see the large range of sizes in all the tops, too.

I think isabella, clessidra, and queen of cups are very lovely. Dashing is nice too.

But, nothing is really calling me to knit it. :shrug:

And there’s a pattern named after MEEEEEEEEE!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
I’ve been waiting forever! I like Carolyn, which I’m thinking should maybe be my next sweater! I also like Ribena, Queen of Cups, Bauble, and Paperbag. Great issue!

i like me too :teehee:

I’m REALLY crazy about bmp, and I love clessidra too. Nothing else really floats my boat. Too bad I’m almost all socked-out right now. :verysad: SIGH

i like me too :teehee:[/quote]
I like you too, Hildie :hug: :teehee: