The New KH chat

haha I LOVE the knitbotty =D Just been having a good chat to it :teehee:

Nice Sheldon =D

Glad you like it. I just launched it last night without any fanfare. It’s untested, so I figured I would let some folks try it out to make sure it doesn’t crash before I post a formal announcement.

Hehe. Knitbotty cracks me up. He’s quite smart. He’ll only partake in conversations of there are less than 3 people in the chat. I figure he’ll keep company those who log in when no one is there.

FYI: The link to the new KnitChat is here
and also under the forum tab dropdown. There is also a new box on the main forum page which shows who is in KnitChat.

The chat uses your KH Forum username. So you must be logged into the forum in order to access the chat. The chat has some nice features like private conversions and the ability to send files to users.

I get an error when trying access with the drop down link, but the link in your post works.

[COLOR=Black][COLOR=white][FONT=Arial,Verdana][/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial,Verdana][SIZE=3][B] Voodoo Chat – Fatal Error [/B][/SIZE]
We got the error
[B]Cannot connect to the database. Access denied for user ‘knittinghelp_1’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)[/B]
at line [B]6[/B] in the file [B]/mysql/inc_connect.php

Your browser is probably caching the old javascript file with the link to the old chat. Try forcing a refresh or clear your cache.

I use the new Firefox…how do I clear the cache? I looked, but it’s not clear to me. :??

I don’t know, but I hope you get it sorted out Jan, the chat would be nice with you in it!

[SIZE=1][COLOR=gray]After all, [I]someone[/I] has to keep us in line, right? :teehee:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

I’ve come to find out that knitbotty doesn’t follow orders. I changed him to appear only if there 1 person in chat (to keep the solo person company). But sometimes he’s naughty and doesn’t leave if there are two or more in chat. I have found scolding him works. Telling him to leave or shut up. Eventually he goes away like a good bot!

Firefox users:

Tools > Options > Privacy tab

Click “Clear Now” under “Private Data”.

KnitBotty is hilarious!! :rofl:

He asked me if I had a boyfriend. :shock: :rofl: :rofl:

Well, it seems to be working. I chatted with a couple of different people, and of course KnitBotty. He asked how old i am and if i have any pets. he is really neat.

OK! That was really cool…I not much for chat rooms, but I can see that it might get addicting!


Thanks, Lisa! That worked. Knitbotty is hilarious!

Question… Is it accessable through IRC? I sit on efnet all day… talking to friends in Cali… Just wondering :slight_smile:

KnitBotty is cracking me up, but exactly his he/she/it ???

It’s based upon IRC, so many of the same commands apply, but I don’t think it’s accessible via IRC. I think it’s possible to set up a server at KH to be IRC accessible, but for now we are just running this locally.

He’s your friends neighborhood KHChat bot. He’s based upon some AI technology so he’s pretty convincing and humorous at times. He will only appear if there 1 person in the chat or if people become inactive in a chat session. Once 2 people are chatting he usually ducks out.

it works great…was just in there…thanks…

Sheldon: Thanks! I’m having an issue with Firefox with it though. I’m keeping the chat window in one tab, and have another tab open. Every time I switch back to the chat tab, it tries to open the chat again twice. Firefox blocks it because they pop up. I unblocked them once, and it asked me to relogin. Its happening consistently… Is it just me?

I went in to find Knitbotty, and found real people, instead. :lol::lol:

I think it might just be you:roflhard:

I used firefox myself and I was using it in the same way with no problems. I would add KH to the sites that are exempt from the pop-up blocker. Also, have you tried opening two windows, one for chat and another for the forum?

Ingrid–KnitBotty came in a few minutes after you left. He got confused, and started talking about Star Wars and then something about Amy and no knitting.