The new guy

Hey everyone!
My name is Rich and im an 18 year old beguinner. My grandma recently found it necessary that her eldest grandson know how to knit (I’m quite crafty and already practiced me sewing/stenciling skills constantly). So after hours of torturous mess-ups, lost loops, and just an all around debacle I got the hang of it. This website is INCREDIBLE and without it im not sure where I’d be. To make an already long story short I’m glad I found this community to share with my projects, questions, and growing obsession with everything knitting.
Thanks alot!

Welcome Rich!!!
It’s great to have you on board!

Welcome, Rich!!

Please spread some of those good knitting vibes this way :slight_smile: I need all the help I can get…

Oh, how I wish I listened to my own Grandmother when she wanted to teach me. She said that I would be sorry one day that I didn’t learn when I was young…needless to say, she was correct.

Happy Holidays!

yeah! knitting boys are hot!

Welcome! :slight_smile: I actually just read in a knitting book last night some guy talking about how it was a great way to meet chicks. :lol:

Have Fun!