The neckwarmer

Hehehe…My bf LOVES the one I made him. I made it purposefully long so that he can put it over his ears and nose too. Plus he can fold it over if he needs to. The point of it was I know how he is, he would get mad at the long parts of a scarf.

So anyhow he tells me today ‘my friend likes the neckwarmer you made for me. He was wondering if you could make him one too’

Maybe it’s just me, but I love it when people ask me to knit something for them makes me feel all good. But more importantly I get to knit, yay!:woot:

Would you be willing to share the pattern? Or at least post a pic? I am interested in making one.

Yes, luv to see a pic!

Yep, that always makes me happy too!
(and I’d also love to see a pic!!)

That’s great! I love it when people ask like that, too! :yay:

I made up the pattern lol. I did ribbing k2 p2 on circular needles with 2 strands of worsted yarn and knit ti til it was about 7 inches long. My bf suggested I make it 8 cause then it apparently folds in half perfectly and keeps just the neck warm.

I thought about taking a picture but it’s black and I have a dark blue floor so it’d be kinda hard to see it. Maybe this next one I’ll take a pic

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Love a nice simple pattern… how many stitches did you c.o.?

yeah I just realized I forgot that part lol I used 80 stiches but that’s for a guy. I’d use 60 for an adult female and maybe 46 or so for a 6-12 year old kid