The mysterious gauge!

How come the pattern writers tell you one size needle for the gauge and when you knit it…it doesn’t WORK??? I bought this CORPS of DISCOVERY kit hat and I am ready to join Knitters ANonymous…

Gauge is a general goal to obtain for a uniform size, taking into account each knitter knits at a different tension, may choose a yarn with slightly different charateristics, etc.

In which way was your gauge off, were you getting too many or too few stitches per inch? You can try a different needle size (larger needle if you need to fewer stitches per inch, smaller needle to get more stitches per inch) to obtain the gauge the pattern calls for. For example, the gauge calls for 5 stiches per inch, and you’re getting 4, try a smaller needle. If it calls for 5 and you’re getting 6, try a larger needle.

Gardenommy’s right. The gauge tells you how many stitches per inch you need to get the pattern size that’s stated. People knit tighter and looser than one another, so this is a way to keep things ‘standard.’

It says 20 stitches equal 4 inches…and Iam about at 16 to the 4 inches…so maybe I knit LOOSER?? the other part I didn’t mention is…I am using 29 inch circular no.8. the pattern calls for 20 inch circular 8’s…I thought if I had the slack I would be all right. Or do you think after blocking??? I just hate to tear it apart. I am going to photograph and show and put a little more information down…and then would appreciate your comments…

I posted the photos in another topic…please check above posting in list.
Mary Pat

I have another question to add to this because I dont want to start another post.

How do you fix the row gauge when the stitch gauge is right on? Usually, my sts are longer than they are supposed to be.

Stitch gauge is what’s important. You have to adjust the number of rows you knit to compensate for row gauge.

Thanks :slight_smile:

That sounds like it sucks and that its a lot more work, but I will certainly try it!

When a pattern tells you to knit for X amount of inches, it makes no difference. If it tells you for rows, hopefully there’s a diagram or a list of measurements to follow.