The Mother Bear Project

Some of you have no doubt heard of this charity, but I would like to get the word out to those of you who haven’t. This charity sends hand-knitted bears to children in countries such as Africa. It is a very good cause, and the bears a delight to make! They have a specfic pattern to go by, which you can personalize as you go. They knit up very quickly, and are a very good way to use up random skeins of yarn. If you’re interested, you can visit

xxx Claire

I’ve made two bears for them. I plan to make two more then send them all off thogether.

I had not heard of this before, but I’m glad that I have now. I will send away for a pattern, and make at least one. I wonder if you can drop them off in person; I noticed that they send bears to several places in India including Bangalore, where I will be going within a few months. I’d love to be able to bring bears personally…

I don’t even know when, exactly, I’ll be going but I’m already trying to find a LYS in the city. :teehee:

I’ve made 3. I’d like to make 100. You can get the pattern for free from the DIY network. Mother Bear Pattern

I’ve made two but I want to make more. THey knit up real fast too.

Would anybody be interested in a Mother Bear KAL?

I would. It sounds like a fun and worthwhile project for a KAL. Let me know.

First, what a KAL? (I’m guessing a knit-along, but I’m not sure, lol)
Second, I’ve made 3 mother bears so far, well 5 actually, but two were for friends of mine 'cos the pattern is so cute. lol, good to know I got some people interested in this charity!

KAL - Knit-a-Long It’s a group of people who are knitting the same thing. Go to the Knit-a-Long forum and check it out.