The most incredible yarn! Italian

Hi all! I’m just rather ecstatic over this yarn and thought you might enjoy a picture of it. Life is so weird: I went to a lady’s little yarn shop out in the middle of NOWHERE, the country. We passed by 3 times, not seeing it coz it was just a tiny little building next to her house. At first I thought forget it, but my dh said go on in and check it out. (he came too)

This wonderful woman had more yarn than I’ve seen in a New York yarn shop. Mindblower!

I got this yarn from her and paid more than I’ve ever paid for yarn:
$27. But it’s even more beautiful than in this picture. Thick and really soft. Luscious.

Any thoughts on what it would look good as? I might just do some small skinny long scarves. Obviously, it can’t be a sweater or anything too big coz I can’t afford any more! It’s 219 yards.
Maybe a shawl??? Maybe just walk around with the skein around my neck??? :wink:

It IS beautiful yarn. It may be pricey, but doesn’t it feel soooo good to buy really nice yarn? I know I was on cloud 9 after buying my first skein of cashmere! :heart:

I think a shawl would be gorgeous. What weight is the yarn? I can’t really tell for sure from the pic, but I’m guessing a worsted/heavy worsted weight?

What about a shrug?

Silver… oh I can’t wait to buy cashmere, haven’t done that yet.

I"m looking at the label, not sure what weight it is. It’s like a thick and thin yarn and it’s 100% Merino. The label says 7.06 ozs. But how do you know what weight it is…I mean if it doesn’t say on the label.
That’s 219 yds, 7.06 ozs. I’m new to this part.

Funny you should say that Kelly, I spent hours yesterday looking at shrugs on Knit Pattern Central. I really want to make a shrug, just have to be sure these colors won’t look too weird next to my face! :thinking:

P.S. I went in this store the other day, Urban Outfitters. They have these little very very simple shrugs made out of not very nice yarn, they’re tiny too, and the price tag: $165! :shock: