The Monthly Challenge?

So … Uh ??? :thinking: Is Hildie still gonna do the monthly challenges for us? Surely she hasn’t abandoned us completely… :help:

Oh Hiiiiilllllddddeeee…Where’s the challenge?!

ekgheiy looks for her whip too

She did say yesterday, in the August thread, that it’d be up today:)

Give her a minute, people!! You know she’s a teacher working on her doctorate & planning 2 baby showers! :wink:

Hildie, you know I’m just teasing…and I know how you love the whip-cracking smilie! :wink:

Yeah … just joshin’ :cry:

lol. i THOUGHT i posted it!!! I just saved it as a draft instead! oops! \it’s up now!

I mean like totally … omg … like totally ekgheiy twirls her hair and pops bubbly gum Don’t’cha know you got give us our fix? Like totally… bubble gum pops