The Mom-To-Be Got The Booties

I received a message tonight that the mother to be trucker received the pink booties I knit for her expected baby. She says she loves them and can’t wait to send me pics of the baby wearing them.

I do hope she isn’t just being nice. I know we’re our own worst critics, but I just wasn’t completely happy with them. I swear the cuff of one was bigger than the other.

Oh well, I am glad she got them and hope she enjoys seeing them on the baby. She said she wanted the baby to have a pair of booties made by a fellow “Road Dog”.

That’s so cool, Mason! :yay:

I am sure she likes them and they will look great on the baby when it arrives .
I do agree with you that us knitters can be our own worst critics. It goes with the Job lol :slight_smile:

Congrats!!! I’m so glad that she liked them.

You are correct, we are our own worse critics. I always find that I’m more critical of items that I knit for others than of the stuff that I knit for myself.

Job well done!!!

How fabulous!! It’s wonderful to know your handmade gift is treasured!! I agree with that we critique ourselves too harshly – I always know what isn’t just right on my own stuff, but I don’t think the receivers notice and if they know enough about the craft to notice, generally they appreciate time and workmanship even more!

Also my aunt always says – the flaws are what let everyone know it is homemade with lots of love! :heart:

Hi, Mason! :waving:

What a generous gift you gave. Not just the yarn and the finished product, but I’m sure all your good wishes for mom and baby went in with the yarn. THAT’S what both of them will “see” when admiring your wonderful, warm gift. :yay:

So I’m not seeing what there is to be critical of! :slight_smile: Seems to me a maybe slightly larger sock top is FAR outweighed by all those loving, caring thoughts.

Thanks for being so generous! :clink:

Happy knitting,

Mason when we knit a gift we are extra critical of every stitch because we know what we want it to look like. However with each critical stitch we add love and friendship to the gift we are knitting. When the person receives that gift they see the stitches and the love binds them to any missed stitch or any pattern issue.

Your friend loves your gift and believes it is perfect just as you would if you received a gift from her.

I am looking forward to the pictures on the foot.

Ooh I like that thought. I really must try and remember that!


That’s awesome! They were just beautiful and I’m sure she really does love them. Can’t wait to see them on the baby…

Mason, you are very sweet and thoughtful to knit baby booties for your fellow trucker. She’ll love them because they were made with love. I agree with the others who say that the tiny inconsistencies are no big deal. To quote Rachel Ashwell (of Shabby Chic fame,) “the charm is in the flaw.”


Aww, that so sweet of you to do that, Mason. I am sure she will love it. You made it with ‘love’.

I tell myself the flaws were done on purpose and make the piece unique. :slight_smile: I’m sure she really does love them.

Awwww, how sweet of you Mason! I’m sure she is as thrilled with them as she told you and would never notice what you perceive as a flaw.

Aww, you’re lovely!

What a sweet thing to do! I’m sure they’ll be perfect on her!