The Mason-Dixon Buttonhole Bag

This bag is so darn cute - looks quick & easy too-- i’ll probably do mine in Kureyon :smiley:

FROM THE M-D BLOG—click below, scroll down, lots of pictures
and the full blog (with pattern entry)…
[size=6]Mason-Dixon Knitting [/size]

Have fun!

Anne aka Roxy

I started knitting a similar bag last weekend. I need a big one, big enough for all my yarn, since it’s my knitting bag. I got as far as knitting the bottom, when I went: “Oh my, this is going to take a LOT of yarn.” Like the equivalent of a large man’s sweater! I realized I didn’t like the pattern I was making up enough to invest so much yarn into it! So I’m still pondering…

It’s nice to see other examples for inspiration!

It looks like the felted marsupial bag in S&B… which i love! I’m going to my next one in Kureyon, too! BTW I found a good online company who (i think) has very good prices on noro, and they ship at a reasonable rate. I can’t find noro anywhere within a 2 hour radius of me, so this is the best option, in my case!

Cheapest Kureyon price I’ve seen is @ this place

$5.79 a skein! I’ll be making the M-D bag & Marsupial Bag out of this stuff :slight_smile:

(happy Valentine’s day - had to update the link - went and changed it on me LOL)

oooooo! that blows my place away! I’m going to check them out tonight. Thanks roxy! :smiley:

Glad I could help! BTW - the shipping was FAST — I received my order faster from them in western Canada than an order that was coming from New Jersey – both ordered on the same day, but WNW came 2 days quicker— go figure!