The Masked Knitter strikes again!

Did anyone see this article about someone knitting tree cozies in NJ? How fun would that be?


its called knit bombing … i think knitta please started it but there are groups popping up all over that are doing it … i really like it … i know id be smiling all day if i came across some knit graffiti…

They mentioned it on NPR this morning, too. :slight_smile:

They mentioned it on NPR this morning, too.

I always miss the good stuff!!

I think we should do that too somewhere…

THEY CALL US…THE KNITTING HELPERS!!!(little play on words there)

anyway, back to reality…i think its cool and that one guy who dissagreed with it…well i cant say what i want to here…


I think it’s cute and quirky…but when I see these stories, I always tend to think about the time and expense of doing it–I can enjoy other people’s fun, but it’s not something I would ever do!

Yeah…I totally agree…actually you put it in much nicer phrasing than I would have…if someone had put this article in front of me, and it has happened semi recently, you would have heard “*&%$in waste of yarn” I do believe in that particular case, the are going to take it all apart and donate it all to charity, but still, it is going to be sitting outside for a month.

I think of what happens to my sweaters when I go outside and it is damp, what would happen to a whole bridge worth of yarn outside for a month…I would hate to think. Washed or not, that is going to be pretty fowl. My mom once left sheets out on the line when it rained one day, it turned the nice white sheets yellow.

I hate to be that person, but I really think the concept is BS.

I’ll be honest, I’m going to start doing this around my small town. I just want to see what happens.

Angela, if you do it, post pics!

I would not recommend posting pictures. You never know when a beautification project is seen by authority as destruction of property.

(See barrel monster AP video article: )

(A follow up article: )

We have a group that’s been ‘bombing’ our city with yarn, and so far we’ve had a lot of positive response. I guess with all forms of art you either love it or hate it shrug There are also lots of pictures posted in various places - many of which weren’t taken by our group members. We’ve had articles in several newspapers, a podcast, the yarn bombing website and local news do reports :o)

I know that everything I’ve knit or crocheted for yarn bombing has been out of old stash yarn that I just can’t stand to use for anything else. I’m talking about stuff so bad that I would feel terrible giving it to anyone!