The Martha Scarf---question

I’ve just begun the Martha Scarf and the pattern says to knit the first 21 rows with colors A & B, then repeat with colors C&D, A&B and so on…do I cast off after the 22 rows of each blend…if not, how should I do this without having an array of 101/2 needles and a multitude of confusion? :?? Here is the pattern link:

Thanks, Joyce

I think you would do it like a normal color change.

Meaning that I would cut the yarn and do a join after each section, right?

It’s bedtime here which is why I’m feeling :doh: , so I appreciate your help!


Just cut the yarn (except the one you will continue to work with…in three of the color combinations, you will keep one of the yarns from the previous section). not too short, and start knitting with the new yarn. Weave in your ends later.

I kind of figured that out and felt :oops: after I posted…I always try to complicate things anyway :rofling: