The Marsan Watchcap

Hello everyone!

I’m brand new to this site and brand new to knitting. I picked it up because I need a beanie to wear for this holiday season and what more fun way to get one than to make it?

So, I watched the video to see how to do a regular knit stitch and I’ve been just doin the same thing for a while. I’m using yarn that fits on size 13 needles and my “scarf” is gonna take a long while, haha.

ANYWAY, my goal is to eventually make this cap:
It was listed on this site under the Patterns section and I really like how it looks.

Only, there is one problem… I don’t really know anything about any of the symbols, terms (Gauge) or really anything about knitting!! Would you think this pattern is too much for me right now? I’m very good with my hands and pick things up very quickly. I know there are lots of videos on here how to do different things, but I don’t know which video corresponds to which term.

So would anyone know anywhere where I can just get the general idea of what to do here? It would be very appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

There’s nothing like knitting something that’s a level above where you rhink you are to learn something new.

Gauge is the sts per inch - knit up a bit with your yarn and needles to see if you match the pattern gauge so it will turn out the right size. The abbreviations can be found by clicking on the Glossary tab at the top of this page and many have videos. You may want to practice ribbing first, which is knit 1 purl 1 (or knit 2, purl 2) in the same row but, you can do it, and learn a lot in the process.

I may be reading under the videos section incorrectly, or missing something…

Ah, but first! Thank you so much for your reply already!! I really appreciate that.

For example, under the “Knit” section of videos, are all those different categories, (Continental, English, Combined) different ways of doing the SAME thing, or end result? If I switched in the middle of a row or something to a different way, say, from English to Continental, would it turn out looking the same for me?

I was just a bit confused on that.

Further, could anyone point me to a place where I could find out what the different “Utensils” in that pattern mean? For example, what is a circular needle, or why would I need 5 double pointed needles, and where in that pattern do I use a yarn needle?

I’m still doing my research!

Yes, continental, english and combined are different styles of knitting. They differ by which hand you hold your yarn or how you make your sts, but all end up with knitting. A circular needle or dpns are used to knit in the round. The yarn needle is like a darning or tapestry needle and blunt tipped that you use to either do seaming (not necessary for circular knitting because it’s seamless) or for threading the yarn tails in, though I use crochet hooks for that.

The Getting Started page - - has some of the basics but these kinds of questions are just fine to ask here in the forums.

Thank you. I had never seen that page! It’s got all the answers I think I was looking for. I was referred to this site by a friend, so all I had was a direct link to the video page, and got worked around that one you gave me.

Thanks : )

Okay, so now that I’ve done all my research, I still have a few things to clarify before I start this hat:

What does 11 WPI mean? I know it’s something to do with gauge, but I can’t seem to find out what it means, or how to measure it.

Also, on this pattern, the gauge says 4 stitches and 6 rows per inch, over twisted rib. Is this twisted rib: K1 in back of stitch (this twists the stitch), P1 repeat -?

Thanks people!:slight_smile:

WPI is wraps per inch. Wrap you yarn around a ruler or needle and measure how many wraps are in an inch. Don’t leave gaps or scrunch them together. A chart showing how many wpi is what gauge can be found at the bottom of this page - - 11 wpi comes out about DK weight.

Yes, that’s the twisted rib pattern, where the knit st is done tbl.