The many benefits of freecycling

I just wanted to advocate, if I may, a program that now exists in 2,152 communities around the world where people can swap or give away things that they no longer need. This was how I got ahold of my first set of knitting needles (9 sets actually - I lucked out :slight_smile: ). Anyhow, there’s a link below if you want to read into what the program is all about. I thought this might be an okay thing to post here since this particular forum topic is Buy/Sell/Swap, but if you don’t think this post is appropriate, then by all means remove it, and I’m sorry for my bad judgment…otherwise:

Please go here:


Protect the environment, stop the expansion of landfills, don’t waste.-dg

I think it’s a great idea and a great site.

i just tried to join but yahoo group apparetnly has a common user name of mine. i follow the instructions to join and then it gives me a funky word to decipher which i can’t read and then makes me repeat this game endlessly. i sent an e-mail to the local group asking for advice. i want to join!

Thanks DereckG! What a great program! I just joined my local group in Amherst. How exciting!

What a great idea!


amigarabita, I know what you mean, trying to figure out those ridiculous, muddled words can be a pain. Once you have entered it in properly (which can sometimes require some guesswork), and have chosen an original name, you should be ready to go. I don’t really know what my mean by ‘and then makes me repeat this game endlessly’, except that perhaps the name you are trying to use has been taken and it wants you to come up with a new one.

Anyhow, I hope this helps, or if not, then I hope you can get some help from the local group.

Amy, welcome aboard, I hope you can put this program to good use :slight_smile:


Derekg, what a wonderful link!
I really like the idea. There are only two groups in the Netherlands at the moment, none of the close to where I live, but fortunately we have something like that in our building already; in the hallway downstairs there are some shelves where you can leave anything you don’t need/want anymore, for people to take. It’s a lovely way to get rid of clutter and disappointing cookies, and it’s always exciting to see what’s there!
Visitors have to be warned not to put down their umbrellas, hats or magazines there though…:wink:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, say, supermarkets would just have a little table or something (next to the board with ads maybe) that works the same way? It would make things so much simpler.

A fabulous idea! I just sent a request to join our local group. Thanks for sharing this!

Some one suggested to me that you can get free yarn through this group, too. Makes sense. How many people have extra stash yarn they don’t want, or have an elderly family member that passed, leaving a huge stash of yarn. If you’re knitting for charity, people would be especially willing to give you their old yarn I bet.

Thanks for bringing this up. I just heard about it in our “neck of the woods” in the last month or two. It seems like it is really taking off!

Kewlness…totally awesome!

dereckg, thanks for letting us know about this effort!

oh yes freecycle is great…get rid of the old and bring in the “new”

I can’t believe how kewl that site is. I joined and on my first visit to my local group, found at least 3 ads offering yarn (with pretty good descriptions of type, quantity, color, age, etc.)…I almost snapped a pic of it to include here…talk about hitting “The Motherload.”