The "Makes Me Wanna Cry" Rug


I finally got my lovely fat cotton yarn from Canada in the mail today, started DROOLING :drool: thinking about the wonderful plush 30"x 50" bathroom rug I was gonna make, and set about to make a loop stitch practice swatch…

:wall: [color=red][size=6]I CANT DO IT!!![/size][/color] :wall:

Amy makes it look so easy in that video!!! Maybe it’s because her yarn is stretchy and cotton is, well, NOT.

Does anyone have advice for another stitch pattern that would make a cushy-ish rug?


you can so do it! What’s this “i can’t” stuff??? :fingerwag:

Well, I now understand why the loops have to be BIG. Because you cant get the right needle back around to re-knit the loops if your thumb is pressed up against the whole thing in order to make the smallest loop possible. AND, I tried using a sharpie marker to make smaller loops, that didnt work either. Too many things to hold. I dont want a rug with huge loops…

Maybe “I cant” is the wrong word…I should have said “there’s no way to make what was boppin’ around in my bubbley little head”. :frowning:

:crying: Buuuu…huuuu…huuummmpp! :crying:

I feel with you…[we’re missing a head patting Emoticon!]
But there just must be a way!
Hmm… :thinking:

hmm… could you wrap around a smaller finger? :thinking:

Tried it. :frowning:


go buy a rug.