The loss of a pet

Has been so hard for my family and I. Buddy, our Golden Retriever, passed away yesterday. He was only 4 months old and went in to get neutered. Everything went smoothly until an hour or so after and he just passed away. They tried to revive him for 20 minutes and they couldn’t save him. Our kids are beside themselves. That’s been the hardest. We went to the vet and got to pet him and hug him and then we took him home to bury him. The kids each picked out something to bury him with. I’m just still so sad. The kids really want another pup, but I just can’t see replacing Buddy. He was such a good puppy, not like any other puppy I’ve seen. We will miss him.

:cry: I’m so sorry for your loss. Buddy was so beautiful.

Oh, I’m so sorry. I have three “babies” of my own, and I’m in tears right now. :cry:

I will pray for your family.

I am so sorry to read this, he was such a cute little guy. :pout:

oh im so sorry. he was such a beauty.

What a handsome pup! I’m so sorry for your loss. :hug:

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear this. You had a beautiful baby and though his life was short, I’m sure it was a happy one. :hug:

He was such an adorable puppy, I’m so sorry for you and your family. :hug:

Oh no, I’m so sorry! He was adorable. :hug:

Please click the link in my sig for photo posting and size info. :hug:

I’m so sorry! :cry: Buddy looks like a very special puppy. I don’t have any furbabies of my own right now, but I know how hard it is to lose a member of the family like that. :hug:

Oh dear. I’m so sorry. He’s such a cute lil guy. :hug: My prayers go out to you and your familly

I’m so, so, sorry to hear this. He was an absolutely beautiful pup…
Having Goldens myself, I know what wonderful furbabies they are - smart, playful, super cuddly (my 9 year old, 90 pound girl STILL thinks she’s a lap dog!) - just the best!
It is devastating to lose a family member, and when it’s totally unexpected it’s just that much harder. Just remember how much he was loved in his brief time on earth, and know that he’s at the other end of the Rainbow Bridge…
As far as getting another pup right away, do what is in your heart - you’ll know what’s right. Getting another pup right away may just be the kids’ “knee-jerk” emotional reaction to the loss. It may seem to them like if they get another pup, it will be like this one never left. Maybe given a couple of weeks, they’ll change their minds and want to wait a while. On the other hand, you may just go look at a litter and find one that captures your heart immediately - you never know. Just trust your heart on this one. If the time is right, you’ll know it deep down inside. If it’s not, you’ll know that, too.
Just know that we know how you feel, and we’re all thinking of your family and praying for an easing of your pain.

I am so sorry, I cannot even begin to imagine the shock and pain your family is going through. I consider my pups to be members of my family and know that the loss of a pet is a tragic and hurtful thing. Hugs for you all and my wish that your heart will heal.

What a shock!!! I’m so sorry. My heart goes out to you and your family. October 1 will be two years since losing our little guy of almost 10 years. He was fine on Saturday, started acting funny Sat night, at the emerg vet Sunday evening and in acute renal failure Monday night. It was horrible. I still miss him. About two mos later we got a puppy for our other dog. He was lost b/c they had been best friends for almost 9 years. So we thought he needed a buddy. Well, #1 it took him 3 mos to accept her and even then he tolerated her and they were never really close. #2, we found out she had a heart murmur (on the first checkup, but she already had our hearts by then) and it turned out to be severe. We took her (twice) to NC State for surgery. The second time they actually performed the surgery but she didn’t recover. We only had her a year. I understand the pain and grief you and your famiy are going through. They are members of the famiy and it hurts like hell when we lose them. I still cry over my babies but I have learned to laugh again and can sometimes talk about them without crying.

As far as getting another one … follow your heart. You’ll never replace the one(s) you’ve lost, but I can say having a distraction and someone else to love and care for does help the grieving process - at least it did for me the first time. We have chosen not to get any more at this time. Peanut didn’t react well to it last time and he’s now 12. He’s adjust to being an only dog and we’re letting him live out his last years in peace.

I’m so sorry you lost your puppy. I have 2 dogs now and dread the day we lose the older one. When I lost my first dog - a golden lab - suddenly when she was 5 I was devastated and said I’d never get another dog. About a month later my father and I were doing errands and he suggested we pop into the SPCA. Would you believe we left with a shepard dobbie puppy in need of a lot of love. My mom almost set all 3 of us out on the porch when we got hom - he had HUGE paws. They still have him today and he was a great addition to our family.
I know how bad it hurts now, but I would encourage you to stay open to the idea of a new puppy.

I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful furbaby, Buddy! My thoughts are with you and your family as you try to get over this tragic loss.

I’m very sorry for you. I know how it feels, I had a cat named madison and we had put her in the bathroom for the day and I came in at night to bring her food and found her dead. She was old so I understand why she died but a four month old puppy! I am very sorry for you lots of love and hugs sent your way:muah::hug::muah::hug::grphug::grphug:

Oh I am sorry for you and your kids. Obviously so unexpected. He was a cute puppy.

Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. It is SO hard to lose a pet. We’ve had quite a few since I was little (my parents used to foster animals as well) and it is never easy to say goodbye - suddenly or not. I think the ONLY consolation I’ve ever really clung to is that it was worth the time and love invested because it made the pet’s life and yours richer and full of wonderful memories.

We have six cats now (although we love dogs too) and they are all middle aged. I have three that I brought into the marriage that I am especially attached to…DH jokes that he has pre-paid for counseling after they go…but seriously, I will probably need it because they are truly my children.

We are facing sadness of our own coming in about a week and a half. Our cat, Tigger, has started a habit in the last year and a half of sometimes peeing around the house. Well, we found out he has a disease that makes his urgency to pee increase so we got more litter boxes and put him on medication and special food which didn’t really help.

What we’ve found out more recently is that it seems to be more of a behavior thing - whenever he stresses out (e.g. you yell at him to stop doing something bad or tell him no when he wants something or when he fights with another cat), he pees. Sigh. We’ve cleaned everything - thank God we have a steam cleaner and we’ve been able to salvage most everything so far, but we talked to the vet and she said there isn’t much else we can do. No rescue place will take him with a peeing problem (and they are full out here anyway) and we aren’t sure he could make it as a barn cat even if we knew a farm to place him at. So we are going to have to have him put to sleep on August 12. We’ve really tried everything else but he is seeming less comfortable and more fussy every day so we think this is the right thing to do so he isn’t so stressed or uncomfortable anymore…but it still sucks. The kids will take it hard since they’ve known him since he was a kitten (he is 9 and a half now).

Again, I am sorry for your loss. When and if the time is right, you will go find another wonderful pup - no hurries. It takes time to process grief and you’ll know when it feels right to move forward.

Hugs and prayers to you and your family.

Oh my God. :verysad: I’m so so very sorry for your terribly shocking loss. I’m just shocked reading your post. Buddy was a beautiful Golden, just beautiful. Try to remember that even though his life was too short, he had a wonderful life with you and your family. You loved him with everything you had and that is what you must hold onto during this time of grief.

You will know in your heart when the time is right to get another pet. Don’t do it because your kids are begging for another one so soon. Don’t do something you’re not ready for, take a while to greive and then begin the process. If it’s what your heart wants to do. :hug: