The little bell ringing

I am a NEWBIE on this site and I noticed the little bells ringing on the left side of topics. DOES that mean someone is looking at that posting at that moment?? This SITE is THE BEST! Whoever you are that designed it…well it has got to be a KNITTER! javascript:emoticon(’:XX:’)

Scroll down to the very bottom of the main forum page and you can see what the symbols mean. Welcome!

:happydance: Hi usamacka, welcome to the forum!! I think the ringing is either when the topic is new or when its popular :thinking: I think… Amy created this wonderful site for us she has taught many of us how to knit through her videos including me :lol: if ya click on the home tab you can see a photo of her… That is so cool that your chrous is knitting scarves for themselves :cheering:

If you hover your cursor over almost ANYTHING here, it will tell you what its for…


You know I never really thought of it as a bell. Learn something new every day :thumbsup:

Welcome :XX: