The lengths I will go to

To ensure I can knit.

I had an unanticipated finger jab at my 6 week post partum check up today. It was to check my iron levels after the c section. I about freaked when she went to jab my index finger -“no! That’s my knitting finger!!!” So she chose my left ring finger. Lololol

It freaking hurt though! Argh! Enough already! Tired. Of being poked and jabbed!

Good for you! With a tiny baby, anything you can keep doing for yourself to relax is not only good for you but also for baby. Using a different finger was a medical necessity.

Yes. Even if all I knit in a day is a few rows/rounds it’s better than nothing!

I shredded my left index finger, where the yarn rests months ago. It was a nasty wound and it left a scar. I covered it with gauze and heavy first aid tape so I could still knit.


:lol: Good for you for noticing!

I used to crochet so much that I wore a groove into my yarn-holding finger. When it would start hurting (as in cutting really deep), I would slap a band-aid on it and keep crocheting. It’s gone away now that I knit more than I crochet!

My friend was determined to knit while she was in labor with her first child, and she would have, too, except they stuck something (monitor of some kind, I think) on her index finger, and she couldn’t maneuver the yarn. I have to give her credit, though: She tried!

They could have put it on her toe! :frowning:

It’s an oxygen monitor. My dad had one because he had COPD and I had one when I was in the hospital a few years ago with a heart thing. I think fingers are sometimes best.

I had one on after my csection, they put it on my toe so I could hold dd. I wasn’t up until the next day, anyway.

Well, there you go! If that works then it would be perfect for labor!