The last stich

OK…I have been having this problem for days now. I am learning to knit. I do my cast on row. Then I stich from there, switch hands and the first stich to go from that time is weird…it’s like it is looser and does the bottom string does not come out in such a way that I can bring it back through (when doing Contiental method). I am very frustrated - can anyone help me. Also, if I count after a while, I have more loops on the top than I started out with…it’s like it is increasing it when I try to start even with the last stich that way.



The last/first stitch is often loose. Try to do what people suggested in the other post about this. Also, make sure that when you’re knitting that first stitch that you’re not pulling it so your knitting into the bottom of it. If it gets wrapped around the needle, it looks like two stitches there.

One thing you can do is to just slip the first stitch of each row. That will tighten them up some as you work.

What does it mean to slip a stich?

Just pass it from the left needle to the right needle without pulling the yarn through. Insert your right needle as if to purl and slip it from one needle to the other. Then knit the next stitches.

Thank you, Ingrid. You have been tons of help!!