The last person alive to knit her first Calorimetry

Since I’m relatively new to this whole knitting obsession, I am just making my first Calorimetry :lol:

I used the DK weight Evolution yarn from Chameleon Colorworks in Sea Monster. This yarn is insane. It’s so freaking soft and silky, you would never in a million years believe it was 100% wool, it honestly feels like silk. If I could afford it, I would knit pajamas out of this yarn and never take them off ever, hee.

That’s pretty! :cheering:
You’re not the last person to knit her first calorimetry. I haven’t made one yet, although I intend to at some point. :teehee:

Very pretty! I love the colors!

This is such a fast knit, eh? I like the yarn you used!

Great colors! Looks like a great fit too.

That looks great. How many stitches did you cast on with a dk weight?

Looks Fab! Great colors! And I’ve had Calorimetry on my list since last winter…maybe this winter I’ll squeeze it in!

Great job and nice colors too! I got on a kick of making those last winter. I made about 9 different ones for the girls so they had a selection of colors. They love them!

I haven’t made one yet either… but yours is inspiring me to add one to my list!

I have never made one, but then I have extremely short spiky hair so… Yours looks great!

Very pretty, I love that color :happydance:

Very nice! :thumbsup:

I didn’t even know what it was.

Me either!

Hee! Ok, I guess I just thought everyone in the world had already knit one since I’ve seen a gazillion of them on the knitting boards and blogs around the internet. Here is the original pattern.

Thanks to everyone for the nice compliments!

Yes auburnchick, it is a quick knit! I had a small problem realizing what I was supposed to be doing when I was knitting back out again after the short rows, but as soon as I realized I’m a dunderhead it went much quicker :mrgreen:

debb, I cast on 126? stitches with the DK yarn and used size 7 needles I think? I believe I was getting about 5.75 st/inch. It’s the perfect fit, [I]almost[/I] on the snug side, but only because I have 67 lbs of hair :lol: I wouldn’t want to use any less stitches, I’ll put it that way. I can see why so many people knitting it with a worsted weight yarn were coming out with ginormous hair blankets when casting on the original 120 stitches, heh.

P.S. I love your avatar :mrgreen:

You won’t be the last person. Now that I’ve seen yours, I MUST have one!:thumbsup:

I didn’t know about this Calorimetry thingy-majobber but I sure want to make one now!!

PS I have a dobie too. Aren’t they the best??

Beautiful head scarf. I haven’t made one either. I bookmarked the pattern for future use. I’m starting tomorrow to teach two teen age girls to knit. When they get a little experience, maybe they would like this as a project. Thanks for the link.

Your Calorimetry looks great, mine is still on the needles. :teehee:

sooo cute! love the colors! i’ve been meaning to cast mine on for about a year now…