The last part the collar pls help!

hello all you wondefuly kind peole who are reading this thinking illl help if i can if u cant its the thought that counts that u clicked on to try to help its just as nice as if u could.
i have bean makeing a cardi for my sisters unborn child and im stuck with the last part the collar. its says
join reglan seams with rs faceing uses 3 1/4 neddles staring at center of right front border pick up sts evently along side of neck 11 sts from top of right sleave 21 st evenly along left front border 67 sts
whats that mean? dose it juist mean seam cardi and pick up sts(set amount) across the whole of the top?

Seam the raglan edges so everything around the neckline is joined toghether. Then pick up sts on the neckline.

thank u i thought so but i wanted to be sure.