The last knit!

I’m sure we’ve all seen this! But I enjoyed watching it again!
And almost 2 million folks have enjoyed it too according to the VIEWS COUNTER!



Thanks! I was having a lousy morning and needed a smile and this fit the bill!
Was anyone else waiting for that dress to go , too?

I sure was! I thought she’d discover a ravel and start knittin’ that dress right off herself! But, that’s be another video! :roflhard:

I totally though she was going to start unraveling the dress too :teehee:

Love it, and still watch it from time to time. The BEST, most expressive animation.

Really enjoyed that! Yep, waited for the dress to go, too…

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Seriously…right out loud! I’d never seen it before. And, yes…I thought she’d start on the dress…


I watched it… But maybe I needed sound for it to have some effect… I am playing music for my siblings so I muted the sound on the movie.

Oh yeah! The sound effects are hilarious, too! :woohoo:

Too cute! I was ownderinghow they were going to handle the dress but they didn’t!


:roflhard: I wish I could knit that fast.

This one still cracks me up. Thanks for posting it. :slight_smile:

I thought she was going to frog the scarf and wind it back into one HUGE ball! Thanks, it was super funny!!