The L&P Project

Taken from my Facebook Group:

The Love and Peace Project ~ I started the L&P Project on July 28, 2010. The L&P Project is dedicated to spreading the message of Love and Peace through crafting. I hung my first knitted L&P Charm on July 29, 2010 on a STOP sign at the end of my street and plan on hanging many, many more. I invite all crafters/artists to join me in spreading the message by creating a heart and peace sign to be hung at various locations in your area. If you choose to decorate STOP signs, please do not paint or otherwise mar any part of the signs!

thats a wonderful idea and I shall be passing it on.

Cant find you on Facebook. Could you please post a link, or show us a pic of the charm?

I found it by searching “The L&P Project”

Yes, you can search The L&P Project on Facebook, I have a group and I created a page tonight…Sorry for lack of info in the original post, I had just created the group and didn’t have much to go on at that point…lol…I do have pics posted in the group, I can post them here also but I need to re-size them first…Also, for anyone who decides to join in, please post pics of your charms either here or in the Facebook group, I’d love to see them! I so far have made 2 knitted charms and tonight I made a beaded charm.

Maybe I was too fast off the blocks as my search generated nothing. going for another look now

Try this

Ok, here are a couple pics…The STOP sign is my knitted heart and peace charm and the NO PARKING sign is the beaded charm…I apologize for the crappiness of the beaded charm pic…lol…It was raining and there was lightning so I took the pics from inside my car!